Request Name Change Request (Please read the first post!)

Discussion in 'Board Help' started by fang, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy Member

    I'd like to change my name into Tracy
    Majorette > Tracy
    Everybody know me as Tracy, and tell me that I should change my name as soon as possible so I changed my YT name, instagram, discord.. but UPSB is the last place where I'm not Tracy so it may be confusing for some people
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  2. psider

    psider New Member

    A.Joules -> psider
    I don't want to use part of my real name anymore and I like psider better.
  3. Spinner.HoW*

    Spinner.HoW* Old-Timer

    @fang hello please change my name from M&MxD* to Spinner.HoW* thank you :)
  4. fang

    fang Just-A-Dragon-Love-Doctor. Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks for the wait:

    Majorette > Tracy
    A.Joules -> psider
    M&MxD* -> Spinner.HoW*
    Blizzardous_286 --> Blizzardous
    Axarator -> AxX_
    DChouUPSB --> Lacolombe
    TinyMiracle -> Gurimu

    Please the next person who want to change their name, give me a mention.

    @ReaperPS* Seniji is already in use, please choose a different name!
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  5. IshRoyal_

    IshRoyal_ New Member

    IshRoyal_ -> Pram @fang
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  6. Beast126

    Beast126 Member

    Beast126 >soar
    I want my name to be shorter and I like the name soar better.
    Thank you!
  7. Rodi

    Rodi Old-Timer

    I want my old name back lmao. RegisAOP.
  8. mango

    mango rasengan Staff Member Beta-Moderator

    i told you ur new one was bad lol
  9. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    too late, should've thought before changing it
  10. Monk

    Monk red light district Staff Member Moderator

    Monk -> xanax

    monk is a retarded name
  11. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    lol please keep monk - xanax is like naming yourself heroin
    plus you've had that name for so long
  12. Zkhan

    Zkhan Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Sir Jasmin --> Rodi
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  13. Coolman612

    Coolman612 New Member

    Coolman612 --> 5pectr
    I don't like my name anymore and it sounds too selfish.
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  14. Cosmo6

    Cosmo6 New Member

    Cosmo6 --> sakura
    I want a username that is not taken on instagram and that has no numbers.
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  15. Zephyr127

    Zephyr127 loli_zefia_teitoku

    Zephyr127 --> Zefia
    Not many people have this name. I want this name so that I don't get confused and also because there's another Zephyr here (even though he's inactive or dead).
    Might as well. Pls mods.
  16. FabianWar Spinner

    FabianWar Spinner New Member

    change from "Fabian War Spinner" to -> SwarZ_PS please XD
    Thanks xD
  17. BeaST

    BeaST New Member

    Please change my username BeaSt to SuGoi Ps. Thank you.
  18. Fairy*

    Fairy* New Member

    I want to change my name from Fairy* to Persona* because I like how it sounds.Also I may have sent this post Im not shure.
  19. Mushw00m

    Mushw00m New Member

    Hey hello fang. I would like to replace my zeros by simples "o". It's odd and i don't like numbers in nickname. Is it possible ? Does it count as a name change ? Thanks !
  20. Nine53

    Nine53 Member

    can I be Coolman953 if this dude gets a name change

    edit: for reals tho 'Monheim' pls
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