[FPSB] Neir'da - New year power tricks/spins/continious session

Discussion in 'Single Member / Tag Videos' started by Neir'da, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Neir'da

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    I thought that Penspinning was kinda dead (no WC 16), but when I saw some videos of Supawit and I.suk, I can't control myself and I take a mod in my hands, feels great xD. I even made a personnal SC mod which is in the video :)
    I see that power tricks have no limits, it's crazy XD
    I don't have an angle, I don't do hard linkages, I don't know how to record properly, I only have my hands and my phone to do it, so it's hard ^^ However, I do what I love, I mean pinkybacks, continious, spins and powertricks.

    Btw, Happy new year !

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  2. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    2016 first half: PS is dead, spinfest CVs were all meh, UPSB failed to even send anything :rofl:

    2016 second half: sephiroth, pearls 6th, lovetrap cup, kt cup, supawit's 2016 solo, epic japen 12th (makes up for mediocrity of 11th), and my 9 year solo [not as epic as those other things, but I wanted to mention it xD]
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