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    Good Day! My Name is Obie from PPSC.

    I've been pen spinning since July of 2014, but took a year hiatus on 2017. I'd say I'm still quite a beginner linkage wise and my strongest attribute is my execution (which is rather mediocre compared to other pen spinners). Back in 2015-2016, I came as CX2 then had a name change later 2016. I've made my first collaboration video as CX2 and I am proud of how it ended up. Which is why I shall be organizing my 2nd Collaboration video and my first as Obie.

    My first collab

    -A combo/linkage that is executed smoothly with moderate difficulty. As long as it has good execution, I will accept it
    -Good presentation: Make sure your entry is not too dark and not too bright. Make sure there aren't any distractions and your angle compliments your spinning and it isn't too shakey. And lastly, make sure your background isn't the same color as your pen mod. If you plan on making a stand-up combo, make sure it's nicely filmed and not cluttered
    -I'll only accept videos through DropBox, Google Drive and Mediafire. I will NOT be accepting videos from video streaming sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and etc.

    -Filtering won't be too heavy if there won't be a lot that will pass. But if a lot will, there will be heavy filtering.

    Deadline: June 16th, 2018. That's about 3 months to make, perfect and film a combo. You can submit earlier if you feel like your combo is good enough. If you feel like you wanna refilm, you may and resend it to me as long as it is before the deadline. Send your entries at codexero2@yahoo.com.ph
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    /in hiishino
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    okay I'll try to be in
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    /In in in
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    Huh, probably /in
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    /in Ash
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    monheim pls
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    /in boi
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    /in might as well shoot a combo over and see how it goes

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