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    It's like the opposite of an intro

    I had a lot of changes in my life that pretty much ended my PSing career as well as visiting this board. I think I visit on average once every 3 months or so these days, but maybe more or less frequently. I've been filmed for 3 total TV ads now, took the Zhigao trip to china last year and am pretty much finished with this side of things.

    I also graduated with my degree in Computer Science, got a job as a Software Engineer and my own place, as well as other priorities and interests that get absolute priority over pen spinning. I also lost or damaged several of my main mods so I stopped practising new content.

    And yeah, that's why my video projects never got finished either. That and severely ill health these past couple years, I went from being fine in 2014 to gradually being in enduring pain every day and having to take regular injections of strong drugs. So there's a lot of things I should have completed in the past few years that I've never been able to finish.

    So this is going to be an official statement that I'm never really going to be active again, might post a video from time to time (probably never, my 4th, 5th and 6th year solos are already overdue now), but I've already accomplished more than what I set out to do with this hobby anyway. I'll probably check in the next few days but then I'll be back to being pretty much gone.
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. DONT GO. its sad to quit pen spinning

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