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Discussion in 'Pen Modifications' started by Lantz, May 27, 2018.

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    Hello, guys! Here I'd like to post some of pen mod reviews. All of them are IMHO, but you can help by telling me what you think and correcting me.
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    mx is a shit mod, unbalanced and center heavy, no one buys it because it spins amazing. You’re essentially repeating facts that most of the community already knows and can be answered with a simple reply to a comment.
    you’re better of making an mx variation, like coffeelucky mx or lost vp
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    Image doesn’t load, insert it properly next time plz
    some words from the bois of discord
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    If MX is such a bad mod, then why is it for sale in your shop?
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    How did you get to instead of
    As for your question - I don't see any good reason to not have it for those people who disagree with me. I also marked 3 PRO's to MX in the video.
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    A minor correction: According to some old posts and Zombo, the RSVP MX is the fourth (not third) of Kam's RSVP mods. The MMX was the third and the MX was then made as a simpler version. It could be possible that the mod that Kam would call the MX was made before the MXX during his experimentation, but it would seem that Kam published and settled on the MMX as a "finished" mod first, before he settled on the MX. (see this post)

    Other than that I don't really see anything bad about the video. As can be deduced from the topic and dialogue in the video, its target audience is and will be beginners who don't know much. And it's good it explained its subjective claims with evidence (which also implicitly discourages blind trust in people's opinions without knowing the reasons behind such opinions). One main thing that could added toward the end (or anywhere) would be that many people spin MX (and other "crappy" pens like the Dr. Grip Shaker) because they like the lopsided aesthetic that the mods produce when spun. Of course, a beginner's priority might be to learn tricks without focusing on developing style or a specific aesthetic (i would guess that such desires usually arise over time after some experience is gained).
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    It's a pity I didn't know that before releasing the video...
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    After thinking about your videos, here is my opinion. I will try to be as objective as possible.

    Your efforts and actions are commandable. More people should give their opinion about penmods (bad or good is not really important), so others can think about it and make their own from that, technically like theory knowledge for any subject. e.g. you want to get a strong own opinion about something ? You need to collect as many others' opinion as possible.
    About penmodding theory, there is an issue : there is none. I feel nobody talk publicly about it (like from thread, article website..) It's like the only subjects are : "tutorial", "what to do with this pen" and "how to [insert a technic]" : all the technic aspect. And when a guy wants to explain his own opinion about a kind of "theory", if the consensus disagree, a drama comes.

    If I step back from the reactions of upsb members to your work, I feel nobody have the right to give their own opinion. Alright guys, then I am not sure if we could success to get any relevant improving about spin and modding in the few next years, if nobody can tell their opinion (even if it's bad or not, as i said). I really wonder how could be the maturity of the global community if its age is getting older (like +5 or +10 years older).

    I am aware that doing this kind of things is complex and it seems this is the cause that nobody talks about it. But I think it's a mistake of us. Talking about penmods or tricks is important, whatever your skill. It allows the theory discipline to be improved. It could be a good point to know the opinions of beginners, intermediate and not only of pro.

    And this is the point of my post, the most important one and it could be why so many people disagree you. I think your message at the beginning of your video about the subjectivity is not enough. You should think more about the words you use and qualify them. Say in your video "all the things i am going to say are subjective" and use a title "rsvp mx- wasted mod" is not relevant at all. As soon as you post something on the internet (so potentially 4 billions of targets), your opinion should be qualify. About my own feeling, your words sound like a truth in your mouth.

    For a last point, I am a bit sad to know that you preach the using of long and heavy mods for beginners (words qualifying issue again from you), while we also can consider the penspinning as something else than performance or improving as fast as possible.
    For example. I, on my side, think that beginners should understand and consider more the pen, as a non-modified accessory for penspinning, at the first of their learning. If they use penmods from real pens, they may be interested about the pen in itself, as a starting point of penspinning. Otherwise, I will be honest with you, if they don't care about it, they should buy industrial penmods, like spinpro, spinstick or zighao, way cheaper than hand made penmods. Exemple : >click here< (2usd for a industrial penmod, shipping included)

    As I told you in the YT comments, I feel the issues are not the mods we are using, but the pedagogy and the ways we teach penspinning to others. Maybe it could be a debate.

    I won't talk about your fake fails when you use vp mx or when your friends use unmodded pens. Here, it sounds more like a commercial strategy for people buy at your shop.

    thank you for reading :)
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    I totally agree with that point.
    Here you are right as well, but I know a few opinions about MX - in Russia and global, nevertheless I have my own, too, and speak about it.
    Let it be a dispute, it's the best way to bring out the truth.
    I tried as hard as I could:) I also brought some PRO's, by the way. But I can't spend all the time which I have for a video, explaining, that my opinion is subjective and illuminate all the other opinions.
    Actually I think it is, my subjective thought is - RSVP - wasted mod. Anyway, you also know how YouTube works, don't you? I can't put all disclaimers in the video title.
    And here comes the point where I feel shame. I should have been more careful, you are right, never meant it to be understood like this... Actually, I do want pen spinners to care about the pens, good mods out of original parts. Totally agree that Pen Spinning is not all about fast and efficient progress, but much dipper and greater, using penmods made out of good quality original parts is a part of culture. I should have been more careful, didn't need to speak about all SC, actually all my claims were pointed at RSVP MX only, about other SC mods - you are right, next time I will keep in mind this your point.
    Also you should know - I am from Russia, I was raised in PS here with the ideas of Buster CYL and Bonkura KT to be the best mods for beginners. Only now, these days people start to reconsider it. Though many people still spin really heavy stuff, compared to which Waterfall is intermediate weight mod, close to light mod.
    Both are very important matters, you can't neglect any of them.

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