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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crafty, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Crafty

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    Hello everybody, My name is Jeffery (or known as Crafty on the internet) and I am thinking about developing a 2D web browser pen spinning simulator style game. Originally it was just gonna be a simple customizing game, where you can make a pen mod, and see how it would look like to give you an idea of how a mod would look if you make it in real life (of course this accurate because it would be 2D and not 3D but it can give you an idea) And i was gonna have a demo of it spinning (again in 2D form). But when i thought of that I was like why not make it into a game

    how would it be played?
    So as of right now how the game would work is that you will have to press a combination of keys (representing the finger slots:1,2,3,4) to preform curtain combo and you will be given points relative to how complicated/unique the a move was. For example, moving from the 1 slot to the 4 slot would give you more points versus moving from the 1 slot to the 2 slot. Serveral Symbols will pop up (similar to osu) and you must press the key specified of one of those symbols. Depending on what move you will perform, the symbol will fade at a specific speed, so an easy move (like twisted sonic from 2->1) would fade a little slower versus a harder move (like a reverse twisted sonic 1->2) that will fade much faster.
    when starting the game, you will be given a preset of tricks you will know (ta, twisted sonic, sonic, etc) and these can be added to a "skill list".

    what is a skill list?
    each finger slot will have *4* slot of tricks you could use for said slot, for example you can have charge, reverse sonic, neo sonic as tricks to use in you slot 1. To earn more tricks, you will open "skill box"s, these will contain *3* new tricks that you may use to add on to your skill list.

    What is currency used for in this game?
    Currency (or PScoin) will be used to by skill box's or to buy parts to customize your pen mod(you will be able to save pen mods so you can create a collection of pens), or backgrounds. Another option is to also be able to buy premade pens, unlike real life, these will be cheaper then if you were to buy the parts HOWEVER you cannot scrap these pens, you buy them for what they are.

    your opinion?
    I would love to hear your guy's input on this project. I can understand if the gameplay sounds confusing, so if you would like me to explain anything, fill free to leave a comment and tag me. If you guys would like any features to be added fill free to also leave those in the comments below.
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    Hello :)

    Your idea sounds very cool! It remains me the website iMod, basically almost the same as your first idea

    I am not a fan to turn it like a game but it's my opinion as a penmodder.
    What about include a code so after making a penmod you can print it in 3d? Lol

  3. Crafty

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    like a code to the pen you made? that would be a pretty cool thing to add later down the line for sure! Im just gonna make a minimalist design where you just design a pen mod and ill see if i want to make it into an actual game later.
  4. Vôre-Tèx

    Vôre-Tèx Penmods creator

    I will support you :) if you need any help feel free

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