Penspinning Jokes and Puns

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    I'm just archiving my Jokes:
    Q: How did Spinerpeem became a good Power Tricker?
    He meditated under a palm tree.

    Q: What do you say when you dropped someone in a tournament and BROKE his/her heart?

    Q: What happens to G3 when it is cut in half?
    G 3

    Q: What pen mod has the highest ranking?
    emboss mod

    Q: What pen mod fix other pen mods?
    Dr. KT

    Q: What variation of buster is the cheapest?
    Buster SALE

    Q: What pen mod is bad at writing but good at reading?
    Reeder mod

    Q: Who broke Ann's heart?

    Q: What is a BAD sonic?
    Twisted Sonic

    Q: What is a drunk Sonic?
    Tipped Sonic

    Q: Which ticket do you need to be an Advanced Spinner?
    Power Pass.
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    uhhhh ok
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    What do you say when you're bad at penspinning?
    Gosh, i'm bad at penspinning

    What do you say when you see someone good at penspinning?

    The hero of all pens, pen of steel.

    Introvert Sonic
    We have a new classmate today, okay Sonic come in.. *Sonic* comes in, Please introduce yourself.
    Sonic: Uhmm.. I... I-Sonic. *Disappears*
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    wanna hear a joke? your sense of humor
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