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    Penspinning Websites and Communities

    Active Forums:

    UPSB :: Universal Pen Spinning Board (Global)
    GPC - German Pen Spinning Board (Germany)
    FPSB - French Pen Spinning Board (France)
    HKPSA - Hong Kong Pen Spinning Association (Hong Kong)
    PDS - Pendolsa (South Korea)
    KPSA - Korea Pen Spinning Association (South Korea)
    PSH - Pserhome (China)
    JEB - JaPen Board (Japan)
    PSTB-Pen Spinning Tieba (China)
    PPP - Portal Polskich PenSpinnerów (Poland)
    BPSC - Belgium Pen Spinning Community (Belgium)
    THPSC - ThaiSpinner (Thailand)
    SPSB - Soviet Pen Spinning Board (Soviet countries)
    MYPSC - Malaysia Pen Spinning Community (Malaysia)
    SPSC - Spanish Pen Spinning Community (Spanish speaking countries)
    TWPS - Taiwanese Pen Spinning Forum (Taiwan)
    IPSB - Indonesian Pen Spinning Board (Indonesia)
    KzPSC - Kazakhstan Pen Spinning Community (Kazakhstan)
    NLPSC - Netherlands Pen Spinning Community (Netherlands)
    PPSC - Pinoy Pen Spinning Community (Philippines)
    QPSB - Quebec Pen Spinning Board (Quebec, Canada)
    PSUK - Pen Spin UK (United Kingdom)
    VPC - Vietnam Penspinning Council (Vietnam)
    SPC - Swiss Penspinning Community (Switzerland)
    ITPS - Italian Pen Spinning Board (Italian)
    APC - Austrian Penspinning Community (Austria)
    BRPSB - Brasil Pen Spinning Board (Brazil)
    CLPSA - Chilean Pen Spinning Association (Chile)

    SuperHandz Pen-Spinning Forum

    Deprecated forums:
    DPSB - Danish Pen Spinning Board (Denmark)
    SweSpin - (Sweden)
    Kit-Cat PenSpinning (merged with PZ, use HKPSA)
    TPC Turkish Penspinning Community (Turkey)
    Penzone (merged with KCF, use HKPSA)
    UCPSB V2 (semi-active)
    UPSB - Universal Pen Spinning Board v.2 (closed)
    UPSB - Universal Pen Spinning Board v.3 (closed)
    UPSB- Universal Pen Spinning Board v.4 (Old Forum, this one has taken over.) (closed)
    JEB-JapEn Board v1 (old forum, inactive)
    EuraPen ( deprecated )
    FLPS - Foro Latino de Pen Spinning ( deprecated, use SPSC)
    RPSC ( deprecated, use SPSB )


    PS Sites:
    Pen Spinning - Let's Spin
    UPSB Official Battles Archive
    Kam's Test Zone
    The Troposphere
    The Spin Zone
    PenSpin Palace
    Pencil Ninja
    Pen Spinning Reference Room
    Larry's Pen Spinning Site
    Patte's PS Site
    PDS Store
    Joshy's Universal Pen Studio
    PenSpinZone Wiki
    PenS Institute
    World Tournament/World Cup Website
    UPSB Wiki


    PenSpiTrick Blog
    Penspinaze's Blog
    Dareka's Blog
    CTT Blog and Site
    337's PS blog
    WASPS/PGM Blog
    Kaeru's Blog
    clasher's blog
    Pwpeo's blog
    shil's blog
    清秋様's blog
    案山子様's blog
    HAK's blog
    Hanataro's blog
    MDON's blog
    winter's blog
    Sangkm&Sunburst Entertainment
    Hideaki's Site
    ペン回しof Pegasus,the Winged Horse
    Penspinning Kingdom
    ΩMETEOΩ's site
    mantis's site
    Pens Spin is Power
    Fou-lu's site
    Penspinner's diary
    CPS (Cate Pen Spinning)
    Sun flash
    Piyo's site
    Pakkun and Karapinn's site
    noaflood's site
    CPS (cir's site)
    PSIC (Pen spinning is carnival)
    mi-to's site
    Sunrise's site
    worldmacker's blog
    Spin Along
    Pen Spinners with Sunglasses
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    PSTB and SPSB updated
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    Just launched PPSC v3 yesterday, say hi to us

    EDIT: Oh and rebranded to Philippine Pen Spinning Community, instead of Pinoy
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    If I made my own pen spinning board would it be added here
  7. MYSPC has been removed for inactivity. Any other Malaysian pen spinners?
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    @Zkhan PSUK forum is gone

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