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  1. leftfinger

    leftfinger New Member

    Hi there, here is Leftfinger, from FPSB !

    I'm really happy to show you my last video about the powerpass, my favorite trick.
    To me, it has been a long way to masterize it. I found many variations and everytime I thank it was over, I discovered other variations è_é The last one was from Menowa* in JaPEn 12th, and I saw it after I recorded this video... So I had to record again to put his variations into it!

    It is not an exhaustive video, it is not supposed to be one, but it shows what are (nearly) all the possibilities to find and train new powerpasses. It is a didactic video, and I hope you won't be lost or overwhelmed by all these variations !

    I tried to put the best music to listen to while watching this vid, hope you'll like it too. It was done by Bonobo (All in Forms) and it's a remix from FaltyDL.
    I'd like to thank Sutomo, Taeko and Menowa* for their pp variations, Gollumsk8 for his video "Triangle pass show" I really enjoyed when I began pen spinning, and I hope it'll permit you to be more accustomed to powerpasses ! :)

    Please enjoy it :
    View: https://youtu.be/JbEh_KdCWyM

    and don't forget to give me your feedback about it !
  2. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    a lot of interesting things here that haven't been used before (as far as i remember)

    and more variations inspired by these things i might be able to do, too :D
  3. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

    So complicated XD But great info
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  4. OhYeaH!

    OhYeaH! Member

    Thanks for making this show. Love it a lot.
    May I make the right hand version of moonwalk powerpass?
  5. Feuersturm

    Feuersturm Time's Person of the Year, 2006

    Damn, this is insane! Nice job man. I just learned the regular powerpass (backhand normal), I can't even imagine doing most of this stuff.

    I don't watch as much spinning as I probably should, but I'd love to see those more unique powerpass variations used in combos. Probably hard to set up, but if done smooth, are mindblowing. Your linkages at the end of the video look great.
  6. leftfinger

    leftfinger New Member

    Thank you everyone for your comments ! :)
    @OhYeaH! Oh, I forgot that I'm lefthanded -_-
    Maybe I should mirrored the whole video and re-up it again ?
    @Feuerstrum, thanks, I'll show more linkages related to powerpasses in new videos coming this year, hope you'll like it !
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  7. OhYeaH!

    OhYeaH! Member

    @leftfinger That would be nice. Actually, I can do almost of them. But I just think some right-hand spinners would be confusing because this is really difficult trick.
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  8. leftfinger

    leftfinger New Member

    I will do it when I have time !

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