[PWT] Round 1: Group Stage submissions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by popte, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    cuz this isnt an actual WT

    ppl that can make it past R1 isnt wasting material on this thing, but is probably gonna enter the actual WT zkhan is hosting soon

    so why not let newcomers feel what these events are like

    And theres 2 ways one takes a loss
    1) ones that gets depressed and quits
    2) ones that get motivated to get better

    and just saying, if a loss makes you depressed you wouldve quit sooner or later
  2. Hiato

    Hiato Old-Timer

    true that. I guess I was just scrambling for points to support my opinion.

    didn´t know whether actual WT was still gonna happen this year or not. But yeah, okay, if they will both take place, and close to each other, I can understand why one wouldn´t submit to both.

    Sorry if my posts sound convuluted, I´m a tad hungover lol
  3. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    i'll be environmentally friendly by recycling
  4. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    can Memmo join or?
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  5. popte

    popte too slow Staff Member Moderator

  6. Hippo2626

    Hippo2626 Retired Moderator Staff Member Retired Moderator

    Ohh Tournaments. They are always fun.

    I'm really considering joining even though I get rekted.

    Just to clarify a few things 'cause I'm an idiot and can't read properly.

    1. It's an individual tournament right but they want max of 10 people from each community because they want diversity?

    2. Is there a need for a entry video?
  7. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    individual tournament, why they want 10? I have no idea tbh
    probably wanted to make it feel like its a big thing

    yes, if you want to join R1 videos are due 2/28
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  8. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    we only have like 3 submissions and due date is in 3 days

    get the vids in m8
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  9. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Triple post but forgive me >__>

    just got notified by vampire that the deadline got changed to 3/3...(to make up for the website saying 2/31??)

    so yea

    man they need to update us on these kind of things =~=
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  10. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    PWT twitter with its huge number of followers tweeted about deadline change

    this obviously means they don't need to notify various boards ofc, yeah

    edit: wow, PSH is sending kagami, vice, fly, leisurely, piruru, scream, sail to PWT, srs business (or maybe just filming practice, idk)
  11. Monk

    Monk red light district Staff Member Moderator

    this is IT15 but worse
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  12. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    well i mean if the board doesnt know there's gonna be a legitimate WT coming up I'm not suprised they're sending in their strong roster
    i.e JEB
  13. moss

    moss de ad

    dont worry guys i can take out kagami
  14. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    showing your aces on warmup practice tournament and then losing actual match in official WT17 would be a bit silly though
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  15. I'm not in wish u guys good luck on the pen-spinning tournament
    [Do us proud \(^^)/]
  16. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    you keep saying shit like this but wheres the video m8
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  17. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Okay since PWT was SO considerate their cut line for 3/3 was GMT +9 (Korea time)

    aka now

    so I submitted who ever already gave me a vid, so the line up is decided now. If you were planning to send me a vid later today, go shit on PDS


    I totally appreciate the lack of information they give us about this lol
    first they extend the deadline, then apparently doesn't give a shit half the world is still 3/3
    great tourney already isn't it
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  18. Nyx

    Nyx Old-Timer

    WTF mine was sent lmao
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  19. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    At least they realize there aren't any Feb 31st even if it's a bit late. And if you see the first rulebook, you'd say this one look so much better lol.
  20. Tidus

    Tidus Member

    They really dont care about lmao but that was written in rules

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