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  1. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    Making a tut of my personal g3 mod.Too lazy to take out the parts so i'll make a drawing.Hope u can understand it lol.[​IMG]

    Spins nice.
    x1 pilot g3 with metal tip (body and tip)
    x2 pilot g2 (grips)
    x1 pilot wingel/g1 (tip)
    x1 pilot supergrip (grip)
    x1 pilot frixion color (cap)
    x1 pentel hgg (tip)
    x1 uniball signo dx (grip and tip)

    1.Put in the signo tip into the frixion color cap and 2 ring of g2 grip to prevent the tip from shaking.
    2.Put in the insert with the g3 grip.v
    3.Cut 1.3cm of the smooth section of the g2 grip,3 rings of (any color) g2 grip and 2 ring of black g2 grip.
    Should look like this.V

    1.put in any random grip at the end of the shaved g3 body.Stack the tips as shown in the pic.Tape the top of the wingel/g1 tip to screw the hgg tip onto it.Tape the tips.
    2.Put in 2 ring of (any color) g2 grip then the black g2 grip then the signo dx grip and 4 ring of black supergrip with 2 rings of black supergrip inside.
    3.Tape the top with teflon tape.
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  2. Neytiiri

    Neytiiri Member

    Great tut, great mod ! I might do one someday, I lack some parts atm
    Good job :)
  3. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    Thanks a lot :) hope you're able to make one.
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  4. mango

    mango gay

  5. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

  6. mango

    mango gay

    yes lol i have break right now so i was bored
  7. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    Surprised that u alr hv the materials loll
  8. mango

    mango gay

    had to take apart my vain g3 but its ok
  9. Hanaro

    Hanaro New Member

    LOVE PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    Haha it's nice
  11. revivedoom

    revivedoom New Member

    Ok so I'm new to modding and all so, what does the g3 body being shaved mean
    Also, what grip did you use for your "random grip"?
  12. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    shaving the g3 body means shaving the part with grip, till it's smooth . I used a g3 grip I think, only a small section is needed
  13. Aeoluz

    Aeoluz Old-Timer

    Any subs for the hgg tips? Im kinda in the middle of nowhere so there is a limited range of parts
  14. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    Hmmm no I don't think so
  15. Aeoluz

    Aeoluz Old-Timer

    Do you totally toss the grip or what? I never modded G3s so I dunno what to do lol
  16. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    Remove the grip without cutting it.. u hv to loosen it a bit and shave the body
  17. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu tips :^)

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