Scammer Alert Onur Sahan from Turkey (Takaridolsa)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ace Yu, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Ace Yu

    Ace Yu New Member

    Good day. I have been keeping this to myself for a long time but I no longer have the patience to do so.

    It has been almost a month since Onur ┼×ahan from Takaridolsa (Turkey) responded and ignored me after I have sent my full payment of $105+20 (charge). I am very disappointed as how this went (as you can see in the attached screenshots) Link :

    I tried tracking the package using the tracking number he gave me, only to find out it was a proxy that was used around 2008. Another thing to consider is that he never sent me a photo of the package and receipt which he usually does in my past 3 transactions with him.

    Please help me spread this so that no one else will get scammed by this guy. I will be taking legal actions so if you were a victim, please do step up and send me a message.

    This guy used to be my supplier for Reynold 094 and Super Pirat from Europe. Sad to say, no restocks for all products with those parts at Pendace as of now. Will look for new supplier in Europe.
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  2. Basileus_Ita

    Basileus_Ita Member

    In Europe there is i have already made a small order from them and everything went fine.

    Turkey is not located in Europe. Even though they asked in the past to enter the EU their request was rejected.
  3. Neytiiri

    Neytiiri Member

    Thanks for the heads up ! is definetly the best in Europe, the owner is Polish and he's a nice guy, you can order from there
    You can also try to contact europeans traders if needed
  4. PenwisH

    PenwisH Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Onur (atleast back in the day was just fine to deal with besides non perfect english but many shops have owners with non perfect english) Keep in mind Turkish postal service is a semi disaster so there's that.

    Also it is not uncommon to have the same tracking from 10+ years ago. Tracking digits are limited depending on what country you are from and after 5-10 years they will reuse it. The usa does that as well. if you need help contacting him, I can always try. I think he's a semi old guy like me now.
  5. Ace Yu

    Ace Yu New Member

    yep he used to be a fine dealer back then. this is my 3rd or 4th transaction with him. but he is completely a scammer now. he keeps saying he will send but he never sent until now lmao. and continues to ignore my message.
  6. Ace Yu

    Ace Yu New Member

    lol he blocked me on fb or deactivated his fb. what a garbage.

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