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Discussion in 'Fundamental Tricks' started by fang, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Reiku

    Reiku Old-Timer

    i thought learning ta made me pro
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  2. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    I actually thought I would never get TA when I was a beginner

    oh how stupid i was
  3. dux

    dux Member

    Thumbaround took me like 4 days which I did for a year.
    Sonic took me 4 days.
    Charge took me a week.
    Pass and pass rev. took me no time because I already knew it.
  4. Tracy

    Tracy Member

    Sonic took me 2 days
    Thumbaround a week
    Charge I don't really know
    Fingerpass + fingerpass reverse maybe 3 weeks
  5. Frofa

    Frofa Member

    I'm currently not getting much time to practice the fundamentals but the charge is definitely the worse thing I've came across
  6. Klice

    Klice New Member

    Thumbaround took a couple hours to do with about 20% consistency, 4-5 days later I could do it almost every time
    Charge took about a week to get down, cont charge came soon after
    Sonic took me about 15 minutes to learn, now I'm in the process of smoothing it out and getting it consistently
    My fingerpass is still really choppy, haven't worked on it much
  7. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    You'll get it soon.
    Don't worry.
    We all did.
  8. Kleb

    Kleb Member

    Charge took me a day, TA a few days, Sonic a week, and Fingerpass. . .I hate it

    I could do all the Reverses but the Sonic

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