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  1. fang

    fang Just-A-Dragon-Love-Doctor. Staff Member Administrator

    As you all know (because you are all well behaving UPSB members who read the rules), we have a strict policy about duplicate accounts. The punishment on duplicate accounts is simply a permanent ban. We check for IP addresses before we make any assumptions, so we are mostly right about the matter. There is this problem with this method because some members use the same IP address because they are on the same school WiFi network or use each others computers. In this case, we cannot confirm if it is the same person. The moderators got really their hands full with this.

    Now we require you to submit a request, to make our job easier and your stay more comfortable. We want to ask from you if you can check if you have anyone who might share an IP address. Friends or classmates in general. You can sent me this information, if a moderator looks at IP addresses, they can check a list of allowed duplicate accounts that share IPs first. Everyone's happy!

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    I'm quite sure that I didn't use the same internet connection with any spinners around here since I'm the only pen spinner in my house and my office. So if you find that there're some one who use the same IP address as me, in this case someone may try to hack my computer or use my internet without the permission.
  3. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    Yay i wont get mistakenly banned now!

    ok a couple peeps use the same ip as me:


    the spa.mmer dude shrek/thumbaround/coolwaterfalldude99/waterfall resurrected/waterfalling/idk apparently he made a lot of accounts. this guy has started spinning but only comes here to troll/spa.m so pls ban him if he does. he makes his age 24 usually (if it helps in any way)
  4. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    That's what it was like when my friend made a troll account. We were both on school wifi. Or he might have been using data.
  5. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    hey school got ip banned, why?
  6. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    My friend, LordOfNoobs, uses school wifi as well. He should be unbanned by Friday, so please don't ban our ip, because I use UPSB at school quite a bit.
  7. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    scuse me my school is still ip banned, can someone explain?
  8. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

  9. Tigres

    Tigres The Simple Guy Staff Member Moderator

    The attitudes of you all are taking are utterly intolerable, take this more seriously or we may step up the game. To all those that think I am talking to you, this is your last warning regarding shared IPs.

    @flow I'd highly recommend you to describe your exact situation.
    is not even clear of what is going on. This is why no one will catch your attention. If you are actually serious about this, please put some formality and some comprehensive terms.
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  10. flow

    flow Old-Timer


    I share an ip with riv, Yama and waterfalldude who got banned and I said that here but my school still got ip banned.
    Would it be possible for my school to not be banned?
  11. Tigres

    Tigres The Simple Guy Staff Member Moderator

    You mean you can't log in UPSB at your school?
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  12. flow

    flow Old-Timer

  13. Same. I can't access it from school. It is blocked in my school.
  14. Tigres

    Tigres The Simple Guy Staff Member Moderator

    Do you mean you can see the UPSB site but cannot log in at all?

    or you can't access UPSB AT ALL?
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  15. For me, I can't access UPSB at all. It is blocked by the school because it is a forum, but for some reason, there are other websites that are forums but aren't block by my school such as pbworks.
  16. Tigres

    Tigres The Simple Guy Staff Member Moderator

    I believe that is the problem of your school's firewall system, and not the UPSB site itself. Same thing happened to me once in middle school. Unless you talk to the technician, I don't think you can do much.
  17. Yeah... my school blocks social media, youtube, etc lol
  18. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    i can access the site but there is an error message when i do
  19. Tigres

    Tigres The Simple Guy Staff Member Moderator

    might want to give me a screenshot of it, also I believe this IP block is to prevent the confusion of having multiple accounts.
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  20. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    i will get a screenshot tomorrow at school, i don't think waterfalldude will make more but this will solve it i guess.
    I would like to be able to be more active though...

    edit: sorry didnt want to double post, heres a screenshot of upsb at school. [​IMG]
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