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    Show Off Your Combo's
    Use this thread to show off/ask for comments on your SINGLE combo videos. Do NOT make a new thread to post a video of one combo.

    Original thread here.
  2. Syzyf

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    6 months & first proper combo. Before this all I did was just short links put into freestyle. The general video quality is pretty bad but I don't really have any video making equipement aside from my smartphone and its camera so the setup is sketchy, but it works. Kinda.
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  3. Erirornal Kraione

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    That does not look too shabby for a first proper video. :) There is some decent variety in there and the execution will always just come with time as long as you just keep working on it. The only thing that I would like to mention is that Inverse Tapped Sonic Fall [I am actually not sure of the proper nomenclature here!], the trick where you wiggle the pen and go from T1 down to T3. It usually does not really look like an actual trick, so you might want to avoid that in future combos. But really, just keep this up! :)
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  4. Juzzle

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    my video for FPSBT r4 :)
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  5. Manman

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    I'm back, for now mates.
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    Lol. It's midday of Xmas Eve over here in England. Merry Christmas :D
    Nice combo btw, nice style
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    Happy New Year, everyone. 1st rusty FS for 2015
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