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Discussion in 'Linkages & Combos' started by Zkhan, Apr 23, 2014.

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    he'd darkhorse that shit, he'll join when he can at least beat supawit tho
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    Sonic 34 interrupted by Inverse Sonic 24-12 > Inverse Warped Sonic 12-23> Warped Sonic 23-34 > Sonic 34-23 > Twisted Sonic Bust > Extended Thumbaround/Fake Double
    EDIT: This combo sucks
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    I like this topic ^^
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    i love you
    no homo
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    damn that feels like watching a developed dax, nostalgia tho
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    [PD] Twisted Sonic > Charge 1.0 > [PS] Neosonic Rev. > Fingerpass Rev. 12-34 > [PD] Charge 34 1.0 > Twisted Sonic 34-23 > Charge 23 > Twisted Sonic 23-12 > Thumbaround

    No vid sry

    Rip japanese motion lel

    Damn good for a 1st combo! Nice man!
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    Im not that good at reading these but what is 1.0 on the Charges? And can u possibly.. record the notation? Im a visual learner
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    On any continuous trick (in this case charge), the number after the trick means how many times the trick should be performed. For example, if you wanted to tell a penspinner to do charge 3 times, you would notate the trick as Charge 3.0. Hope this helps!

    Also sorry I can't record, don't have a yt channel and my phone camera has been acting up :/ Sorry!
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