Show Off Your Origami [Unofficial Thread]

Discussion in 'Manipulative Arts' started by Mentron, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Mentron

    Mentron Member

    Hey guys so lately I have been really interested into origami and wanted there to be an official (or unofficial) thread to post your origami not just like the other origami thread to discuss origami but instead to show it off.

    If I get 12 likes on this post or just two people post on this thread then I'll start posting and the thread will really come to life but if no one posts or likes I might as well close it because no one wants it. Thanks
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  2. Kari-chan

    Kari-chan New Member

    I think you could just use the other origami thread... Maybe I'll post something there..maybe not but I'm sure you can just show off your stuff there :)

    Nice Totoro btw
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  3. My 3D Origami creation :D

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  4. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    Holy cow
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  5. Mentron

    Mentron Member

    Hi guys after 2 people responded I was too busy or just too lazy or whatever you want to call it to post but now that I have the time and energy I'll post. So here is just a mini hexagonal tesselation made from pink mono 6 inch paper that I recently made. (Sorry for such poor quality :( and posting so late! (At least I update my page more than penwish), Also this tesselation is called the Distorta by Alessandro Beber)
    Distorta Tesselation.png
    BTW guys thanks for responding :)!
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  6. Niceeeeee. I like it :D
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