Show Off Your Pens [Official Thread]

Discussion in 'Pen Modifications' started by Froggy, Sep 16, 2013.

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  3. CYY

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    @Reiss and I collaborated on a mod today ^^
    Made it in under an hour :D
  4. tripleaskills

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  5. Bitpen

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  6. Security

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    My thoughts exactly
    @tripleaskills try filing down the clips, what's left of them at least, maybe use nail clippers.
    Try using darker colored grips, maybe matching colors, such as black, on the ends, and use a white bic barrel of you can find one, and colored caps. if you can, metal tips (Signo are the best imo)
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  7. tripleaskills

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    i made this a long time ago. Now I have a MXSA A Cossa with hoops and A much better Bictory
  8. Bitpen

    Bitpen Old-Timer

    then why are you posting it now? and not your other pens? post your other pens
  9. tripleaskills

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    no clue
  10. thebloodgod

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    I suppose I can post an image without the "spoiler" thing?
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  11. Raiz

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    u shuld make a tut that looks awesome

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  12. Marionne

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    I keep forgetting that i should post this here.

    New personal mod. Basically a stuhl mod, but i used a comssa barrel instead of a pirat. Has 2 inverted signo tips each side. My waterfall's gone, one of the caps is cracked. IMG_5239.JPG
  13. Amumu

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  14. D.Malveira

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    LOL man, you should sell some
  15. Inev

    Inev im 12!!!! hi guys xD

    What the actual legitimate fuck
    How many of those do you actually spin?
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  16. Bitpen

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    yeah that's like as many mods as la or something idk just guessing
  17. Saltient

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  18. Amumu

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    Just two mods. Haha
  19. Amumu

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    My personal mods :boing::boing::boing::boing::boing:
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  20. Inev

    Inev im 12!!!! hi guys xD


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