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Discussion in 'Collaboration Organization / Sign-ups' started by Maxasse, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Maxasse

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    Hi upsb !

    How are you between time ? So today on this night i propose a little collab for you. For my return i want organised a collab with pleasure. The collab is open for all level and your welcome here ! =)

    The rules :

    15-20s max per combo.
    Format : Avi, mp4 and other if you want but i can't open the ,rar format. If you use youtube please choice in no repertory mode,
    Be creative and fun. Or make a serious combo. You have the choice.


    Deadline is : 27/03/2017 in the end of march.

    Thanks for send your combo with the PM of the board.

    List of /in :

    -JV2(Javi) OK

    Thanks, and see ya later.

    The collab is open on fpsb too.
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  2. Enshii

    Enshii Member

    /in il join :)
  3. Security

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  4. Naoh

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  5. M&MxD*

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    name: HoW*
  6. katsu

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  7. NooNe

    NooNe New Member

    I have no time to film
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  8. Nyx

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    /in :)
  9. Maxasse

    Maxasse Member

    Thanks, and i send a message for the deadline ! Don't forget please. ;)

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