So how do you guys feel about Zhigao pens?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dick_Bat, Sep 19, 2016.


Do Zhigao pens suck?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Dick_Bat

    Dick_Bat New Member

    Personally i think they're amazing because i borrowed a V11 from my friend when i started learning (my early BICtories were complete trash).
    How do you guys feel about them?
  2. Snake

    Snake ̴̛̤̙̮̜͉̮ͫ̔̆͘ͅ ̴͇͔̝͉̫̗͌̑̂̚͞ͅ ͥͭ̔͋̂͗͌̂̽̃͂̊̚͡ ̴̛ͫ̔̆͘

    thats how I got good tbh
    use to spin a bictory till some fag bought a zhigao an I stole his
  3. Letho72

    Letho72 Old-Timer

    I wouldn't say they suck but there's certainly better. No reason to buy one over a "real" mod imo
  4. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    there really doesnt need to be another thread about this shit people have been over it a million time lmao
    zhigao pens suck compared to being able to make yourself a mod to specifically suit your spinning and style.
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  5. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    my friend got one and i think its kinda meh, its really not the best.
  6. They are okay but the designs on the barrel wear off with use.. i now use it to write essays at school.. lol.
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  7. Jonastua

    Jonastua Member

    Also, the joy of completing a mod....
  8. Jonastua

    Jonastua Member

    I got a zhigao one before, but it required tiny balls to fit into the caps on both sides, and I lost both.. They suck
  9. freezR

    freezR Member

    i hate it when people start ps and find a 9324923g zg pen on amazon
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  10. ZG pens are okay to me I borrowed from my friend. He removed the ink tube and the metal parts on the caps on his ZG V16. It's quite nice to spin it but a little heavy for a beginner like me
  11. Giotto

    Giotto Member

    It is okay i guess. I don't really spin with it. I have two of them (got them as a souvenir). One is rather slippery cause it has sticker on the barrel. Another has a rubber finish on it. Living in a hot country, the rubber one is now melting and get all sticky. If it wasn't my mother who excitedly got them for me, I might not keep them til this day.

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