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    Hello fellow pen spinners!

    The director, Dennis Chang, of AMUSA FILMS is recruiting pen spinners that fit the following categories:
    -Between the ages of 12-16 (or at least look like that age range)
    -are of Asian descent (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc)
    -SoCal-based (auditions currently located in Glendale, CA)

    The project/commercial is an Anti-vaping PSA; you might be spinning an e-cig/vape pen. Your role would be a student in class. He needed around 15 members.

    Please contact the following (in spoiler) to schedule an audition or if you need more information. The actual shoot day is June 27th so please schedule it before that date.
    Joyce Tse
    Cell: 213-300-1130

    Dennis Chang
    Tel: 917-375-5233

    Here's some background information on the director as well as his website:
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