Sonic 34 slot driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Hand Care' started by PenPractice, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. PenPractice

    PenPractice New Member

    I dont know how you can help me other than saying keep practising, but i just want to ask if someone had the same experience like me.
    So, i can do basic tricks like sonic, shadows, charge and stuff... but never using my 34. And now im trying to learn how to do a simple sonic on 34 slot but i just CANT! And the funny thing is that i remember that i could do it in the past some years ago, but i stop practising it so obviously i forgot, but now i cant do it, im trying several days my fingers hurts a lot becouse i cant avoid them to get so tense while trying, i mean, i can even do it with my left hand!! Why cant i do it with my right if i can with the left onef? And i dont remember practising with my left hand... should i do some test to see if my pinky or something is ok? xD f*ck this ... :/
  2. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Have you tried practicing Charge 24 ? It might help jumpstart some of the muscle memory needed. Then, try instantaneously switching from Charge 24 to Charge 23. I guess practice working around your body's desire to not adapt to the movement you want.
  3. PenPractice

    PenPractice New Member

    I will try the 24 charge thing thanks.
  4. JV2 (Javi)

    JV2 (Javi) Member

    Had the same exact problem. I used to always do it but I just cant. But nytma gave me some good tips and it helped me do 34 sonics again.
    Here are his tips
  5. strat1227

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    Check your finger independence.

    I'm unable to bend my right pinky by itself. On my left hand, I can bend only my pinky while 123 stay straight. On my right hand, if I bend my pinky AT ALL, 3 bends with it. I don't have pinky independence in my right hand. It makes certain 34 slot tricks very very difficult (but never impossible!). You just have to learn around it if this is the case. But normal tutorials won't work.

    It might be related to that for you.
  6. NovaSquared

    NovaSquared Member

    i can sonic 34 on right hand even though i dont have pinky independence on right hand, but for left hand, i cant do sonic 34 and i DO have pinky independence.... logic. ;-;

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