Spring - Season Projects No. 4 Sign-ups (A *YEAR* of CVs!)

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    I'll allow silly videos mainly for people who aren't as confident with their spinning level, but I still want everyone to submit serious video clips. So, if I know that your spinning is at a certain level where you can easily pull of a serious video rather than a silly one, I'll be a bit disappointed lol.

    It doesn't feel like it's been a year already, but the fact that I'm making this thread means I dedicated my time on a year long project. Thank you guys for supporting the previous collaborations, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!

    Each time I've organized a new pen spinning collaboration video, I've had different goals in mind for each of them:

    Summer - see if I could make a cv
    Fall - see if I could make a serious cv with decent editing/upbeat music
    Winter - see if I could edit in widescreen 16:9 with that music I used
    Spring - ???

    I have ideas on how to edit this collaboration, but no particular goal in mind this time. Feel free to give me any ideas!

    I still encourage anyone to film for this collab, because I was considering making this collab without filtering at some point but I think that's a bit much if I want it to fit the music and the theme well.

    So, what I will do is allow funny/creative clips that pay some sort of homage for the series or is relevant to the theme, and put it at the end credits of the video. This is an option for those who are a bit reluctant to film your spinning because of your skill level. When I say "funny/creative", I mean something that you would send to a New Years CV/Christmas CV. Jolly and infpass's video clips throughout the series are prime examples of what it could be like. I've been treating this series a bit serious, so I've been craving some playfulness in there as well.

    Last thing I have to mention is that I'm going to stop making collaborations for a while after this last video is finished. I started organizing these for fun and to better the community as a whole. I've been seeing plenty of new sign-up threads recently and to me it means I can take my hand off the steering wheel for a bit. My editing was never the greatest because of the software I use, but I make do with simple effects and it's not always enough to me. Screamingcircle has the potential to be the guy that will make good collabs for UPSB, and for this reason, I chose to work with him a little bit to help him with mind tree as well. After that, I'm just gonna focus on my own spinning.

    Also, @mango told me to remind him when I was making another cv. So there's a mention for ya.

    Filtering: Yes, if needed I will filter for quality's sake.
    Length: Typically 10-15s, but length doesn't matter as long as it fits into music.
    Video Resolution: Preferably square 4:3 aspect ratio. I'll still accept widescreen, but most likely I'll crop it.
    Frame Rate: Preferably ~30 frames per second for consistency's
    sake, it's most likely that people use 30fps cameras right now mostly anyways.
    Deadline: May 31, 2017 @11:59PM PST

    How to submit:

    1. Type /in and make a post below to let me know you're going to join the collaboration, and it lets you know if I've received the clip you submitted or not.
    2. PM me a mediafire/dropbox/onedrive/google drive/file hosting link on UPSB (http://upsb.info/xforum/index.php?conversations/add) or email at hobbydef@gmail.com but make sure you submit before the deadline!
    3. Just in case anyone is new to joining collaborations or in case you need to be reminded, please do not post the clip you submitted anywhere publicly until the collaboration video is released, this is just the typical convention.
    Feel free to post any questions if I missed anything! Alternatively, you can PM me privately anytime if you prefer to do so.

    Bold+Underline = submitted + I've watched the clip
    Bold = submitted
    Plain text = you posted "/in" on this thread

    Members that have joined(/in):

    Jolly and infpass

    Emm and Lazer*

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