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Discussion in 'Presentation' started by Enk, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Enk

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    Recently, I have developed some sort of a belief that the future of PS may lie in this; Doing stage performance.

    Now, the reason for the existence of this thread being that in my solo video thread, sangara pointed out that the camera angle that I used [full body exposed] doesn't work with PS. It should have been an up close and personal angle only.

    These are probably the best looking performances that I've ever seen, although I feel like they still lack something I cannot pinpoint.



    So, 3 questions. And you may add your own opinion as well.

    1. What do you think will improve pen spinning in term of stage presentation in general?

    2. Will it look better if you include more body tricks? No one said that pen spinning is limited to your hands only. Could Punkan be the first trick of the 'Body tricks family'? If you agree about including the body tricks, then what kind of tricks should be added to the performance? [eg. behind the back toss, under leg bakriser to thumbindexspin reverse transfer]

    3. What to add on to pen spinning other than pen spinning itself? [eg. In cardistry they include elements like magic, stuff like that. But in pen spinning, well, dancing? (lol) pen tutting? (just like what Kay did in his video above) magic might work too?]
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  2. Bitpen

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    I think stage presentation would be much better if there were different angles with more visibility. Since ps is a lot about hand and arm movements, it would be hard to incorporate whole body movements in a stage performance. Other manipulation arts such as poi, juggling, and yoyo, include tricks that the audience can see better. Therefore, this is the reason why I think that the traditional overhead webcam shot makes the combo easier to appreciate.

    With that said, I do believe that in the future, the pen spinning community will see the creation of more "body tricks" that will work nicely with a stage performance. Perhaps there will even be bigger mods created *cough cough Ann's stick* that will allow the audience a greater visibility.

    However, for now, I do believe that the most aesthetically pleasing method of sharing your pen spinning with your audience is through close up shots. They demonstrate your pen manipulation skills and allow the audience to appreciate your combo better. Also, most ps tricks include rotations which are horizontal, which means that to see the full circular motion you have to be mostly on top of the hand, if you were watching away from the person, you would not be able to see the full rotations..
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  3. dux

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    Aerials and 1p2h tricks might work, maybe 2p1h tricks as well. LED mods would help as well.
  4. Flux

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    make sure to do awkward poses with the pen for at least 40 seconds
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  5. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

    It might be because we're used to seeing more circular motions, from the top view, rather than the motions we see when in side view.

    For the questions you asked, I don't really know, but...
    1. It could help if pen spinning was more known worldwide, as many people probably are interested in such things, but aren't aware that it exists.

    2. Whether it looks good or not all depends on the angle and the personal preferences of the person, but it could certainly help in stage performances. 1P2H could also add some more effect along with the "body tricks".

    3. Imo, dancing or doing magic tricks or whatever kinda interrupts the flow or the effect a combo has, since you need to completely stop the pen most of the time in order to dance or do your magic thing, so I don't think it's a good idea unless someone finds a way (Or tricks) to link pen spinning and other pen stuff that don't make the pen spin much fluidly. To me, it simply doesn't go well, thus I don't like performances like Kay's.

    I hope this all makes sense cause I ain't sure of whatever the hell I wrote lol
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  6. Flux

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    i thought ye was banned
  7. TheArker

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    Ya thought so, but I got unbanned
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  8. Kenseii

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    bruh, on stage looks weird asf
  9. vek

    vek Member

    it would be better if it was more like npf where they just spin without all this dancing
  10. Nickle

    Nickle Old-Timer

    I like this kind of penspinning, hope we see more of it in the future. It's interesting because it shifts the focus from the tricks. Usually we only record the hand and all we care about are the tricks they do, here they perform fairly mediocre combos but they incorporate them into the performance in a beautiful way. The tricks are there only to add an extra flare to the dance, not to be in the centre, and it works really well. It looks fun and it's definitely something I'd like to try myself in the future.
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