Swede looking for help with pen to buy/which parts to buy.

Discussion in 'Trading / Buying' started by Relioz, May 18, 2017.

  1. Relioz

    Relioz New Member

    Hey. I've started penspinning, got the charge down between 12 and can do decent fingerpasses. I live in Sweden. Looking to get better and also get a better symmetrical pen. I'm currently using a "Pilot Super Grip F" but I'm looking to either buy/build/trade a better pen, like a waterfall/comssa mod, a symmetrical one.

    Looking for all help I can find, thanks.
  2. Instinct

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  3. Relioz

    Relioz New Member

    Thanks a lot! Already looked at pensfactory and penwish but including shipping makes it quite expensive for me. Which is why I'm hoping to find swedes with pens for sale!

    Thanks haha, I'll do my best, not on my pc a lot though, and I dont have any fancy camera to record my lousy spins with!

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