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  1. So if you klick on the name of a member you'll get a pop-up with his/her name and information. And below the name of the member there are text-things like: New Member, Member, Old-Timer or other things. My questions are: What do they do? How do they change? Do you have to do something to change them?
  2. Syzyf

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    nothing significant
    automatically, based on your post count. mods and 300+ posts users can change it at will
    <20 posts = new member
    20-99 posts = member
    100-299 posts = old timer
    300+ posts = ps addict (at this point you can change it to whatever you want)
  3. D3V1L

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    It seems i have a new goal.300 posts
  4. NooNe

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    Sorry for reviving but does status posts count?
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  5. I don't think it counts. yeah it doesn't sadly

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