Thoughts on Cardistry?

Discussion in 'Manipulative Arts' started by Green Caffeine, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Peng15

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    Very cool magic. One of the best i have ever seen. I used to watch alot of magic almost obssessive. Not quite kuro tho.
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  2. kuro

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    lol I guess Im now consider "the next level" of obsession when it comes to cards, Im not really into magic tbh (but Im trying to be) more of a cardist, in fact Im obsessed with cardistry, and Im literally known for that now at school
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  3. h2o

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    so why did you stop then if it was looking amazing ?
  4. Eraser

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    IMAG0353.jpg I've now designed some playing card boxes and I'm in the progress of making my own card flourish. I've gone more so into magic accidently since when I was learning cardistry I felt that all I could do was fancy shuffles but no reason to use it so learnt magic.
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  5. kuro

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