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    Thumbaround Normal
    This trick involves using the middle finger to push a pen over the thumb. It will spin 360 degrees and in a counterclockwise direction (right handed).
    It is also possible to push using the index finger, ring finger, or pinky finger, but it is easiest to learn using the middle finger.

    Video Tutorial by shoeman6
    Video tutorial by KTrinh93
    Video tutorial by Pari

    UPSB Wiki entry

    Thumbaround Reverse has it's own thread, so post any questions or discussion regarding that in that thread.
  2. PSpinNoob

    PSpinNoob New Member

    Hey, so I'm completely new to pen spinning, and I'm having some difficulty with the basics. Obviously I don't expect to be good at it right away, but I'm having some difficulty and wondering if anyone has some tips for me (or if it's even possible for me to do this).
    I'm working on the normal Thumbaround, which I'm told is really basic, but I'm having major problems. Obviously the pencil keeps flying off, but that I expected. The major problem I'm having, however, that I can't seem to find an answer for, is what the heck to do with my index finger. Obviously I know what I'm supposed to do- it's supposed to extend out of the way- but the problem I'm having is that instead of it extending, unless I'm specifically focusing on my index finger and my index finger alone, it'll go down below the pen/pencil (can't find a long enough pen for my lack of skill). That in turn makes it hard to quickly pull it back up in time to catch the pencil. The result is that the pencil will usually just spin on my thumb once or twice and then fall off. Is there a specific trick I'm missing, or something I'm doing wrong?
    Also, my second question- I don't have a hitch hiker's thumb, but most of the people in the tutorials seem to have one. Is there any adjustment i need to make?
    Any help would be really appreciated.
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  3. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    You could try pushing the pen/pencil with your index finger, instead of the middle finger. This may help you avoid the problem initially perhaps. Or you could try placing you index finger on the actual tip/end of the pen (like where the writing tip is or where a retractable clicker would be), and then push with your middle finger. I might not fully understand what you mean by you index finger going under the pen, but in any case the long-term solution would be to just keep grinding repetitions until you start to get it, like many pen spinning tricks. Eventually you will get it, just keep chipping away and try focusing on your index finger like you already do sometimes. Also hitchhiker's thumb has virtually no relevance to being able to do a Thumb Around; even if your thumb couldn't even bent straight and the joint was convex (instead of concave like on a hitchhiker's thumb), you could still do it with practice. :)

    BTW here is a Thumb Around Normal thread that you may read and that mods will probably move/combine this thread into.
  4. Well, congrats. You almost did a ThumbSpin.
    Anyway do you mean that your index finger touches your thumb. Maybe you should sort of use less focus on your index finger very gradually, maybe I helped, because I didn't know how I learnt the TA (by practice, I think)
  5. PSpinNoob

    PSpinNoob New Member

    Actually, I just figured it out like an hour or two ago and have been practicing nonstop XD What I was doing wrong was literally in how I visualized it, an that affected how I put pressure on the pen, so I'm going to describe it for anyone who is still having trouble.
    Basically, I was doing what felt natural- as my middle finger came down, my index finger would be pulled down with it. From what I understand about pen spinning, different people do it different ways- I think you're supposed to do that in the thumbaround harmonics, but I don't know. The video I was watching (
    ) clearly instructs you to move your index finger outwards, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to do that, so I kept spinning the pen by using pressure from both my middle and index finger. Maybe some people do it that way, i don't know.
    Then randomly I figured out what I was doing wrong. My problem was I was assuming that the thumb was basically exerting no force- the pencil was literally just spinning around the thumb, in my mind. But the way I think is correct is by almost pinching the pen/pencil in between your thumb and index finger, while applying pressure from your middle finger to balance it out. By almost I mean while you're pushing on the pen with your thumb, you aren't really pushing back with your index finger. The push back is from your middle finger.
    Doing it this way allows the spin to be triggered simply by extending your index finger outwards. Naturally your middle finger, already pushing on the pen, will continue forwards, pushing the pen forwards until it loses contact and spins around your thumb. At that point you need to pull your finger back in and catch the pen.
    I hope that helps anyone who had the same problem I had- I wish the tutorial videos had explained it that way XD
  6. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    Hey, I'm a beginner pen spinner working on the ThumbAround normal. A major problem that I'm having is that when I push the pen, the top half of my thumb instinctively bends down, and the pen spins around for a while on that half of the thumb, and it just drops to the floor. I don't know if this just a matter of practice, or if I'm doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Most of pen spinning is personal experimentation to figure out the tricks after watching a tutorial. In this case, try imitating the Thumb Around motion without actually holding the pen, and focus on not bending your thumb down (perhaps you even want to make your thumb overly stiff to compensate). If you can do this, then you know it is possible for you to do the real trick. You could try other stuff too regarding different forms of practice; this idea just popped into my head now.
  8. Kumuwu

    Kumuwu Member

    try holding the top of your thumb when doing the trick, hold it strong enough so that you thumb cant bend but leave enough space for the pen to rotate.
  9. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    I'm having some trouble going from the Twisted Sonic to the Thumbaround. Once I've done the Twisted Sonic, the pen isn't in the proper position to do a Thumbaround. Do I have to quickly shift my middle finger, or just proceed with the TA as normal?
  10. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    If I understand you correctly, you are saying in order to make your pen go around your thumb after a Twisted Sonic 23-12, you are pushing the pen with your middle finger (which requires shifting the middle finger first). If this is the case, then simply start the Thumb Around with your index finger instead of your middle finger. I was confused about this to0 when I was first learning and I think trying to push with the middle finger after a Twisted Sonic 23-12 is actually somewhat impossible to do properly (perhaps not impossible but at least incredibly inefficient).
  11. Daiko

    Daiko New Member

    Hello, im really new to pen spinning (started few days ago). I tried to do the TA, but my thumb without my control moves to the side (like automatically trying to move out of the way of the pen). Is there anything i can do to stop it? Any help is appreciated.
  12. hgw

    hgw New Member

    just keep practicing i guess
    maybe try with another hand's help to simulate the around
  13. idontcare2436

    idontcare2436 New Member

    i keep practicing many times, but it does not help. i have one problem is that i cant catch the pen. the pen just flew off my hand, it's really hard to catch it. i could do it several times, but from then the pen always flies away. how can you guys push the pen accurately? that is really hard
    oh and which trick is the easiest to do beside charge and sonic? i have done the two, and now im trying the TA, the one im struggled with
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  14. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    If you've been practicing for several days and it's really not helping, what you could try is learning Thumb Around T1-T1, instead of T2-T1. What I mean is, push the pen with your index finger, not your middle finger. As you bend your index finger, it may be a similar motion to sliding your index finger down your thumb (this phrase is up to interpretation).

    Regarding other easy tricks, try learning Twisted Sonic, Infinity, or Sonic Reverse. (If you learn Sonic Reverse you can do the Sonic Harmonic which is kinda fun)

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