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Discussion in 'Fundamental Tricks' started by fang, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. fang

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    Thumbaround Reverse
    This trick involves pushing the pen with the index finger around the thumb so that it spins 360 degrees and in a clockwise fashion (right handed). The initial position of this trick is the final position of the Thumbaround Normal, so that it can be performed right after doing a Thumbaround. It moves in the exact opposite direction as Thumbaround Normal.

    video Tutorial by shoeman6
    video Tutorial by KTrinh93
    Video Tutorial by Pari

    UPSB Wiki entry
  2. PioH

    PioH Member

    there is no problem if I move my hand to grab the pen?
    sometimes it moves me a lot of place and i move my hand *when the pen moves out* so that the pencil does not fall and so to grab
    Is this the way it has to be?
  3. Syzyf

    Syzyf Old-Timer

    It would be good if you recorded and uploaded a video so that we can see what you mean.
    If I understand you correctly, you might be messing up the finger placement, mark the center of gravity and push exactly on that spot to get a proper rotation, if you put your index finger too off center, the pen goes in a weird trajectory and you have to compensate by moving your hand. I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about though.
  4. PioH

    PioH Member

    I can make another if dont see anything.
    Make me know it if dont see.

    *My cam isnt the best so excuse me for that*
  5. Syzyf

    Syzyf Old-Timer

    You set the video to private. derp c:
  6. PioH

    PioH Member

    Fixed lol
  7. Syzyf

    Syzyf Old-Timer

    That looks pretty good :)
    The framerate makes it look a little bit like you're putting pressure on the pen, holding it back for a moment and then launching it instead of pushing it with a smooth motion at first, but then you do what looks like the proper technique so I guess it's really just the framerate.
    The hand motion is mostly barely noticable and you'll propably stop doing it once you get better at this trick.
    At this point, the only real advice is to practice, also you can try to focus on the finger placement slightly more, because the drops that I see there appear to be because of what I mentioned earlier - pushing the pen not on the CoG but slightly off of it.
  8. PioH

    PioH Member

    Well thank you so much, really apreciate your help.
    Very greatful with you.:)

    Im starting at Pen Spinning, i've been practicing 1 week ago lol and i'm doin greg irwin exercises for fingers.
    ┬┐It would be better if i keep making finger exerises? :jawdrop:

    *It is because i have problems whith my pinkie finger*
  9. Syzyf

    Syzyf Old-Timer

    For a week of spinning, TA Rev is pretty damn impressive for me, all I did for my first 2 weeks or so was learning basic Infinity variations :D only later on I actually started doing things I was supposed to, lol.
    Honestly, finger exercises aren't really neccesary, just learning tricks involving the pinky and ring fingers improves their flexibility over time, and you're learning tricks too so it's more time efficient. Example: when I was a beginner, doing an Inverse sonic 34-23 seemed near impossible, but a couple of months later, having learned a lot of things like Twisted Sonic variations in 34-23 and 34-24 I can do it with little to no effort.

    I just wrote a small wall of text here but I deleted it because right now it's not a good idea to give you too much information all at once, after you've been spinning for a couple of months or so and get a good tricks and basic linkages base, and just overall experience and PS knowlede, then you should think back to finger exercises and decide for yourself.
    For now, the best exercise is just to practice penspinning, unless you want to get insanely flexible fingers... but even then I'd first get the basics down to be in a good position for developing that.
  10. PioH

    PioH Member

    Well, then you so much for the help, i really aprecciate your help and if i have another doubt i'll ask for it. xD
    Thank you, regards.
  11. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Whenever I do a reverse thumbaround, I catch it like I would if I were writing, not between my thumb and middle. I cannot seem to catch it there no matter what - will I just get it from practice? Will this interfere with many linkages? Also, more often than not I am catching it at the base of the pen, not the top. Same questions for that.
  12. Mark Coats

    Mark Coats New Member

    I'm having trouble with the reverse. Currently I am able to do the normal and start the reverse, but (it could be I'm putting too much or little force into the push?) every time the pen comes around for the grab it either drops early or is too low (in 23 slot). A couple of times the pen has gone completely above my hand somehow, and others it gets about a few degrees from making contact and flies off my thumb. I usually to a normal to get my finger placement for the reverse, or just pinch with T and 2 about 3/4 back. Also, I'm really bad about trying too hard to catch the pen. I'll make a really hard twisting motion to try to grab it, and have sent the pen flying across the room a few times.
    Any advise?
  13. Giotto

    Giotto Member

    If it flies out of your hand then maybe it because you pinch it to hard. Maybe you could try to spin it with less effort and try to catch it. I'm a little confuse with your situation description. Can you film it and post it here or just pm me with your vid? :)
  14. PrettyNiceLlama

    PrettyNiceLlama New Member

    can i do this with my BICtory?
  15. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

  16. Saltient

    Saltient Member

    No, god forbid you to do it with a bictory
  17. Pram

    Pram New Member

    im having trouble catching the pen any suggestions?
  18. Randy Lark

    Randy Lark New Member

    I used to move the the way I wanted it to move with my other hand, twirling it around and placing it in between my middle and ring finger. I will expand on it later as I am in class right now.

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