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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anemia, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Anemia


    I'd like to start this thread off by thanking a few key people who have tirelessly devoted their time to help aid in the revival of our Wiki, and most of all for their extensive efforts in preventing the enormous influx of spam that we recently experienced.

    @Lost ANGELUS

    - For his contributions to the Wiki, and for constantly answering everyone's questions, whilst sharing his knowledge of editing with us. Also, for aiding in the massive removal of unwanted content.

    - For his contributions to the Wiki, and for selflessly spending hours of his time to help make it much easier for the admin's to delete spam by tediously sectioning off hundreds of pages/accounts.

    Lost ANGELUS
    - For keeping up with the Wiki on a daily basis, and for taking care of almost 2,400 different types of unwanted content by tagging/deleting/blocking spam for hours on end.

    I'd also like to thank Zkhan for taking time out of his schedule to get the Wiki back up and running, and for providing us with the tools needed in order to help prevent future spam attacks.

    This thread will be used for all Wiki related discussion.

    - If you have any proposals for content.
    - If you'd like to suggest guidelines, or a specific format.
    - If you have any requests for the admins.
    - If you need help editing.
    - If you have concerns about previously created content. etc...

    This is a community in which everyone helps each other, so let's carry that trend into our Wiki, and work with one another to make sure that we all create the best content possible!
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  2. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    On the original UPSB wiki, orange and blue templates were used for pictorial guides and tutorials on trick pages and mod pages.
    A couple of example of their usage on the old wiki:

    I believe this is a very good format for organising this information so I have re-created similar templates for people to use.
    The two templates are "Guide blue" and "Guide orange"
    To use the templates, type the following onto a wiki page you want to use them on:
    for the blue template:
    {{Guide blue|Image=File:imagename.fileextension|Text=describe the step of the tutorial the image refers to}}
    for the orange template:
    {{Guide orange|Image=File:imagename.fileextension|Text=describe the step of the tutorial the image refers to}}

    For example:
    {{Guide blue|Image=File:R_ClassicBl.gif|Text=Classic blue rasen insert.}}
    {{Guide orange|Image=File:R_O.jpeg|Text=Orange rasen insert.}}

    NOTE: ALL wiki markup is case sensitive. Also the order of the image and text sections does not matter, as long as it has
  3. Anemia


    As of right now, we are experiencing an error when attempting to create new users on the Wiki.

    The e-mail containing your randomly generated passwords are failing to be sent.

    This problem is being accessed, and we should have that function back up and running in no time.
  4. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    I suggest that for pages about specific pens, we only make a page for the most well-known variant. For example, right now there is a page Anyball, Profile, and Star gel Max. Should we make a page for the identical Shabity-S as well? I think not, as it would be much more efficient to simply make a page for the Anyball. It's always the default name. Whenever people mention the other pens, like Profile, it's always as a substitute for the Anyball, not the other way around. The pages for substitute pens, if made, should serve as redirects to the main variant.

    There could be a "Substitutes" section or something on the pen pages that could use one, or the substitutes could simply be mentioned in the lead section.

    Agree or no?

    EDIT: Alright it's been more than a week with no one saying they are against the idea and a couple of people have liked this post, which I think means they support the idea. Imma go ahead and carry it through.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
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  5. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Okay I know double posts are listed as not allowed, but the reason I'm doing it is so this thread gets bumped and people will actually see this post (otherwise it would be useless right?)

    I've noticed that there is no preferred title/header format on the wiki. For example, some pages are titled with sentence case ("Title of an interesting article") and some are made with American title case ("Title of an Interesting Article"). I suggest we switch over to sentence case because I'm pretty sure it is more of an international standard unlike American title case. Also, it looks cleaner in many cases. This is a somewhat minor request, but it will help with making some new pages and making the wiki look cleaner. Agree or no?

    EDIT: By the way, this would apply only to non-proper noun titles. Names of pen spinners and mods would still be capitalized with each word, not in sentence case.
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  6. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    I've always been taught to write titles in what you're referring to american title case, so I personally believe we should use use title case. In my opinion it looks neater for titles and makes it easier to read, especially when titles often have grammar that's not common to regular sentences.

    However, Wikipedia appears to use sentence case, so you may be correct in saying we should use sentence case. The wikipedia article and some other sites I read on title case suggest capitalising the first and last words, and any important words in-between.
  7. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    I do think that while Wikipedia is a good website to emulate in terms of helpfulness and coherence, I think we should not allow its practices to, perhaps arbitrarily, influence our wiki too much (this statement isn't exactly helping my argument now is it? :P).

    My opinion about this issue is largely based on functional reasoning and some personal taste. Part of me is thinking that sentence case for wiki titles and section headers just looks better and is less bulky, but of course not everyone agrees with that, so this is a rather useless reason to use sentence case. My main reasoning though is that it removes some ambiguity that arises with title case. For example, on the Main Page of the wiki, there is a link called "Introduction to Pen Spinning", a link to "Pen companies", and a link to "UPSB Research Department". The UPSB Research Department is the only proper noun there. Pen spinning is not a proper noun, but, at least to me, the link makes it look like "Pen Spinning" is a proper noun (which, for some reason, people think it is and keep capitalizing it in articles:excited: ). On the other hand, "Pen companies" is not a proper noun, and the link text reflects that fact. It is unambiguous and doesn't look bulky.

    From Quora website:
    "Upstyle [title case] headlines can get confusing. For example, I once saw a banner headline that said something like, "Reagan Gives Heckler Irish Ambassadorship." I didn't have time to read the article because I had to get to school. All day long in school I was imagining someone standing up to heckle the president, then the president saying, "OK, you think you can do better? Tell you what -- I'm making you the ambassador to Ireland." When I got home from school I was quite disappointed to learn that the headline referred to Margaret Heckler, who was in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services."

    Basically this person is saying that if the title was "Reagan gives Heckler Irish ambassadorship", then it would be less confusing/ambiguous because we would know that Heckler is a proper noun.

    Side point: Many other languages use sentence case, like Italian and French I'm pretty sure, and while this doesn't directly relate to English, it does relate to fact that this is the Universal Pen Spinning Board. Also, most English language newspapers have adopted sentence case as well (but again we shouldn't feel the need to copy other organizations' standards just because they are well established).

    So basically, I am advocating for changing to sentence case (and would be willing to change pages to reflect the change), because of functional quality, more global usage, and, less importantly, (my) aesthetic appeal. It seems to me that the only reason to use title case is for aesthetic appeal.

    Long passage for a minor wiki issue eh?
  8. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    @Green Caffeine you've made a really good point there and I'd have to agree on sentence case.
  9. ChowCow

    ChowCow Member

    If this is agreed on, I can switch most of the articles over to sentence case if we need somebody to do it.
  10. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    I think since no one has made a new disagreement and its been two weeks, we can start converting titles. (I've been meaning to but :P)
  11. Raven_

    Raven_ Member

    "If you have any proposals for content". May I request for the HGS^3 to be added to the wiki?
  12. Snake

    Snake ̴̛̤̙̮̜͉̮ͫ̔̆͘ͅ ̴͇͔̝͉̫̗͌̑̂̚͞ͅ ͥͭ̔͋̂͗͌̂̽̃͂̊̚͡ ̴̛ͫ̔̆͘

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  13. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    Here's a helpful thingy
    Step 1. Go to Thespyre
    Step 2. Translate to english
    Step 3. Make it better in every way

    ur welcome bb
  14. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    I propose that for the articles about trick names that are compound words, we put no space in the name and capitalize each part of the name. For example, instead of "Index Around" or "Indexaround", we use "IndexAround". This would mainly apply to tricks that are a certain version of a general pen movement, like how SpiderSpin is a type of Spin with a "Spider" style (yeah I know "Spider style" doesn't really mean anything besides the Spider-Man hand shape, but you get the idea). Or how IndexSpin is a Spin on the index finger.

    Is there any protest to this, and if so, what are your reasons? (I may argue with you but if you present logical reasoning I will concede.)

    EDIT: By the way, using this method would not affect modifiers in trick names. Like if there was an article called "Fingerless IndexAround" then the space between Fingerless and IndexAround would remain.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016
  15. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    @Green Caffeine
    I disagree, there's no need to join two separate words together.
    I don't see any advantage to this nomenclature, your space bar works fine just use it lmao
  16. Nickle

    Nickle Old-Timer

    it might be of slight help when distinguishing modifiers. taking "fingerless index around rev" as an example, it could be slightly confusing for some spinners to know which is the trick name and which is the modifier.
    is "index" and/or "around" modifiers too?

    writing it as "fingerless indexaround rev" might make it more clear that index & around are just parts of the trick name

    I also think it looks aestethically better without a spacebar :-p
  17. Wright

    Wright Old-Timer

    Personally I prefer all-lowercase single-word names mostly just because I've noticed that a lot of newbies tend to write trick names like you're proposing ("NeoSonic", "Thumb Around", ...), and I think I've subconsciously started to associate it with being annoyed.

    ...I guess if you want a slightly more valid reason, it could be that pretty much all notation for the past 3? years has used lowercase single words (indexaround, spiderspin, backaround, neobak, ...) and it hasn't caused very many problems with distinguishing trick types, despite the lack of capitalization - plus it would be kind of jarring to see newer members starting to write trick names differently all of a sudden thanks to the wiki.
  18. Tigres

    Tigres The Simple Guy Staff Member Moderator

    Really appreciate the effort improving the UPSB wiki, is there an update of the activity here?
  19. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Seems to be some disagreement. I was primarily proposing this idea to get a system into place because right now there are articles titled like "Thumbaround" (no space) but also some like "Index Around" (with space and capital letter). I think it would be better (and you the reader probably do too) if article naming had more cohesion.

    I think my reasoning for backing the "no spaces and capital letters" side is pretty similar to Nickle's. Clearing separating the different terms (palm direction, modifiers, trick name) in a notation would be helpful. One can argue that "Continuous Fingerless Index Around" is slightly less clear than "Continuous Fingerless IndexAround", from which we can clearly see "IndexAround" is the base trick. Furthermore, "Around" is capitalized to show that an IndexAround is a type of Around trick. Of course, we can admit that most readers won't really care whether there is a space or capital letter in a trick name. So....I dunno, I'm still on my side and you're probably still on yours :dunno:.

    Also, thinking about Wright's interesting observation, I guess I personally always assumed we didn't capitalize trick names in common typing due to Internet casualness and laziness and desire to type long lists of tricks faster. I have seen on more "formal" occasions, like YouTube tutorials, trick names are capitalized since they are treated as proper nouns.
  20. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    Are people that dumb that they can't distinguish that index is the index finger and around is the trick???

    I don't see how it'd be jarring, like it doesnt make any difference at all really if i type indexaround or index around.

    Most of the time in notation it's typed ind around anyway so

    I say, they're separate words and thus should be treated as such. An indexaround is not a trick. An around is a trick. The ind just describes what finger its done around.

    Like really, there should NOT be a separate article for each finger Around.
    There should be one page titled "Around", then an adequate description of each different around.
    The Thumb Around should not have it's own page. It is not a different trick, it should just have a subheading.

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