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    This is a good idea. Now that you mention it, it would be easier to navigate the statistics if they were grouped by pen, rather than pen part, because most people probably look for info about one pen at a time. Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, we can use spoiler-type things for when sections get long (check out the mess of the Airfit statistics section).

    also are you sure PenWish uses imitation HGG tips? I suspect KzPSC does but are sure about PenWish? What about the grips?

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    OOooo spoilers are a mixed bag. They definitely organize stuff better, but it lends the possibility of someone not reading it and going "WHERE ARE THE AIRFIT STATISTICS?"

    This is good for Airfit, but maybe not for Hybrid/Signo. IDK I'm afraid someone is gonna miss it if we put data in spoilers ><; I used to love spoilers, but I feel people can miss them easily.

    They're definitely "fake" (the ones that you just buy as tips only). Penwish HGG tips are rounded at the lip and are extra shiny compared to normal HGGs. Black and White PW HGG grips are definitely fake as well. Pretty much everything that you buy as tip only isn't the same as buying the ones on the pen. Penwish definitely gets most of these things from the manufacturer, though. (I could be wrong)

    Grips (only) are usually the same as the actual pen, aside from Penwish HGGs and stuff on KzPSC. Note: the Dr. Grip grips on Penwish are the same as the manufacturer, but aren't as nice/clear/grippy as taking one from a Dr. Grip shaker.

    More random facts/stuff: I think the tips on KzPSC are closer to the actual ones than Penwish (ironically). I'm pretty sure the Dr. Grip tips on KzPSC are the Jap tips, but the ones on Penwish are something else (French tips?). Same with KzPSC Needle-Points (they look almost identical to real ones, but are off by 0.2g lol). I think Penwish orders the tips with extra polish, which can explain the rounded edges and super-shiny sheen.

    PW tips in general aren't the same in feeling. I do highly recommend PW HGG tips over regular HGGs though (except in the Hybrid DC HGG cause PW HGGs make it feel bad lmao)

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    I think there is a way to make them expanded by default. The section title "Statistics" is not very miss-able in my opinion, but I can definitely understand how someone who isn't familiar with the Wiki or the article might miss it in a rush. I'll look into expanding options and post what I find (might do it in an Edit), unless on the off chance that you've already found something in which case just post what you found
    EDIT: Okay, regarding Template:Expand, I figured out how to make it always expanded by default but I couldn't get it to make it have a parameter to allow one to choose whether it is expanded or collapsed by default. However, if one simply disregards this template all together and just copy-pastes the direct wiki code to format a collapse-able tab, it is very easy to choose whether to have each tab expanded or collapsed by default.
    I decided just to email PenWish to get an official source and here is what the respondent said:
    "Hey there. The tips for Dr. grip tips and hgg tips are all from OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] but we request that they are chromed. The grips for the HGG are subs that are made by a different manufacturer since pentel refuses to make those for us= (. Any other questions just let me know! Thanks"
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