Vancouver 2017 Winter Gathering

Discussion in 'Gatherings / Meetings' started by Awesome, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Awesome

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    Lets have a gathering next weekend. I am thinking we should have it on Sunday (February 19th) at the Richmond Center.

    I think meeting up at around 2 should be good.

    Make sure you let any spinner in the Vancouver area know about this thread, since they might not check UPSB regularly.
  2. exclusive

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    sounds good , im down for next week @Baaron @Leon[HKPSA]

    i ran into @stevieboy7 on reddit lol
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  3. Awesome

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  5. Darkrose

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    oh lol i just saw this - yeah probably can make it!
  6. exclusive

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  7. Awesome

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    Lets meet in the food court area.
  8. exclusive

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