Weird stuff going on my ring finger

Discussion in 'Hand Care' started by TheSilverWing, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. TheSilverWing

    TheSilverWing New Member

    Hello guys, I'm a very new pen spinner and I really need help. As you can see, my ring finger... It kinda like twerks around, and can never be straight. This problem has caused me a hard time performing finger passes (double charges are okay, but can't last long). Is there some way to get rid of this weird thing?
  2. Parker

    Parker Member

    You got no pictures, and is kind of hard to understand what your saying, but i would assume that u maybe are putting a lot of strain on your finger spinning, since the ring finger tends to be less flexible than the rest. Doesnt sound like much of an issue though, maybe just need to build of strength in that finger with practice.
  3. Offensive | UPSB

    Offensive | UPSB New Member

    I get it, like a ring backaround for example. The ring finger is like the weakest of the 5 fingers. It will not go as high and straight as the other ones. Especially for ring back, its particularly hard to get it consistent coz of the ring finger.
  4. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    Really, the ring finger is the weakest? I always thought it was pinky (correct me if I'm wrong)
  5. Offensive | UPSB

    Offensive | UPSB New Member

    Which is the hardest of the Backarounds for you? Index,Mid,Ring or Pinky. For me its definitely Ring
  6. Shiro

    Shiro Old-Timer

    ring finger is always not as flexible
    sounds to me u just have a problem with flexibility
    stretch your fingers more
    practise and over time you'll get it down
  7. Spinner.HoW*

    Spinner.HoW* Old-Timer

    just spend more time on practicing. most beginners always suffer on ring and pinky finger coordination.

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