Welcome Our Newest Moderator! Lost ANGELUS

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Zkhan, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Zkhan

    Zkhan Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Lost ANGELUS has been chosen as a new beta-mod.

    He will pass through a beta-moderator phase (moderator in training), and after one month, a poll will be posted to decide if he gets promoted to moderator.
  2. Anemia


    I wish you the best of luck man.
  3. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    should start the job by deleting all the spam threads.
  4. AfroSquared

    AfroSquared just a passive bystander

    Hehe, Congrats Lost! :D
  5. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    i didn't expect this.

  6. Matsuya

    Matsuya Old-Timer

    wow ! all the best Lost!!! :)
  7. OPdelivers

    OPdelivers Old-Timer

    gj man just don't ban mx
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  8. Yaiya

    Yaiya Member

    Yooo congrats LA!!
  9. ChasmRedux

    ChasmRedux Member

    Congrats Bro ^^

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