What gets on your nerves as a spinner?

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    PERSIST Member

    Preferrably pen-spinning related, I might make a "what gets on your nerves - non ps" in some non-ps subforum some other time. But for now, list what people do to annoy you as a pen spinner below.

    -When someone yanks your pen out of your bag, does the most obvious coin-to-pen magic trick, somehow amazes everyone, and to add insult to injury, just throws your pen/keeps it and gives it back a week later. Literally happened to me the other day.

    -When you do your best combo, and everyone's like "hah easy ur just doing this -does a lame half-wiper motion with their pen-"

    -"That is such a lame and unproductive hobby!" said my bandgeek friend, because apparently playing music instruments makes you superior in every way and 100x more likely to succeed in life.

    -When ur spinning and a friend keeps asking you to do "this, but catch it between ur pinky and thumb" and "do that but flip it in the air and catch it while spinning," and when you finally mess up one of his special requests, hes like "aww lame."

    -When people just ask you to spin every random object they have in their backpack i.e. a comb, and murder you for not being able to spin a COMB.

    -When everyone decides to play monkey-in-the-middle with you as the monkey and ur pen as the ball.

    -When 5 other people try to steal your pens. Everytime your back is turned, there's someone in your bag.
  2. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    "oh thatll break my fingers if i try that"
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  3. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    Wow sounds like you're getting bullied kid.
    Sorry, I just wanted to impersonate my friend
    You should do something about that.
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  4. Wright

    Wright Old-Timer

    This extends to other hobbies too, sooo annoying. "oh man, if I tried to do parkour I'd end up giving myself like seven fucking concussions just from putting my shoes on! haha!"

    edit: also this thread is cringey as fuck for the most part goddamn
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  5. moss

    moss de ad

    when people say "ohhhhhhhh mate im way better than you i can do it, here let me have a try"
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  6. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    lol Im also a so called "bandgeek" a saxophone and a guitar player and on top of that Im into ps and decent/good at both of those things cause there both awesome and fun as heck and statistically you are more likely to get into medical school if you taken a music course (from what my teacher said). None the less despite Im like both of you in terms of interest I still dont think its great to say its "lame" (you cant deny the unproductive part lol) when theres tons of other people who have no hobbies or any cool skill whatsoever and dont do anything with there lives (have some friends like these)

    as for what gets on my nerves, when people take my mod and sometimes mess it up intentionally or not.
  7. screamingcircle

    screamingcircle Old-Timer

    "can you like, flip it around all your fingers"
    "look i can thumbaround, *does half tap"
    *walks in with ZG "HEYYYY!!"
    "can you teach me how to do that bakfall trick?"
    "how many charges can you do? double charge? triple? quadruple?"
    "i think youre the best in the world."
    "youre not as good as those kuma film guys. they like pass the pen and kick it up and stuff!"
    "i invented a trick, its called a twisted charge."
    "whos like, the best in the school? is it you?"
    "youre like a god."
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  8. MjHue_02

    MjHue_02 Old-Timer

    me:*Does some fs in class*
    classmate: hurr durr i can do that too
    *makes exaggerated hand motions*
    hurr durr im just as good as u lololol
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  9. "Why is it (my combo) so slow?"
    "You make pen spinning look so easy"
    "True Asian"
    "Is that a pen"
    "Can you write with that"
    "I can do that too (Just twirls the pen randomly in the air)"
    When beginners try do tricks on heavy mods
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  10. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    "hey kuro stop sticking your middle finger at me" - when Im doing flush sonic or a fak you stall hahaha

    now that I think about it if anybody gives you a annoying time with your ps just do a bunch of flush sonics at their faces XD
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  11. MjHue_02

    MjHue_02 Old-Timer

    Is that not why people learn the flush sonic?
    Random story: I came with parents to church once and I was stretching my hand in the position on flush sonic and lots of people were giving me looks
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  12. Lol
    I can't master the Flush Sonic unfortunately... My fingers are not flexible enough... I cry every time :(((
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  13. MjHue_02

    MjHue_02 Old-Timer

    Protip: Stretch your fingers in that position a lot. Comes with cons tho. While doing this will improve your flush sonic, sonic clip 24, and other similar tricks, it will slightly lessen your flexibility in doing sonic clip 13 and other similar tricks.
  14. moss

    moss de ad

    when people think your vgg writes
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  15. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    When people think Dr Tips write in general.
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  16. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    When it's not a pen for not writing according to everyone...
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  17. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    taking my pen when i was in a middle of doing a fs
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  18. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    When everyone just takes my pen lol without asking
    "Why are u slow? Can't u spin faster than that guy ?"
    When ppl drop my pen while I spin
    "why make an expensive pen? U can't even write with it."

    PERSIST Member

    When ur showing someone an aerial trick and someone decides to third-wheel in and swipe the pen when its in midair.
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  20. AngryStudent

    AngryStudent New Member

    When people call it twirling I'm seconds away from committing murder.
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