What gets on your nerves as a spinner?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PERSIST, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Snake

    Snake ̴̛̤̙̮̜͉̮ͫ̔̆͘ͅ ̴͇͔̝͉̫̗͌̑̂̚͞ͅ ͥͭ̔͋̂͗͌̂̽̃͂̊̚͡ ̴̛ͫ̔̆͘

    im alpha at my school so if they do that i call them faggots and lynch them
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  2. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    Edgy + Cringy = Snake
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  3. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Mostly I act edgy and threaten to gut them with my KT
    Inev you're one to talk about being cringey.
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  4. Dick_Bat

    Dick_Bat New Member

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  5. Monk

    Monk red light district Staff Member Moderator

    when i drop my pen
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  6. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    when my pen drops me
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  7. Hanaro

    Hanaro New Member

    Wow good words...
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  8. Nostradamus

    Nostradamus New Member

  9. aQ666

    aQ666 Member

    "is that a special pen??????????????"
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  10. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

    "Are you a drummer?" and the worst of all "Are you some kind of Majorette?"
  11. Warped

    Warped Old-Timer

    You guys have the best classmates.mine just steal them and return at the end of the school...
  12. Wobster

    Wobster Old-Timer

    When I take out my buster and a girl says "I prefer my dildo"
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  13. aQ666

    aQ666 Member

    lol my art teacher said that to me
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  14. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

    You're lucky it's only your art teacher. For me it was my English, French, Math, Geography and Art teacher, some waiters from different restaurants and my grandma lol
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  15. EvanTheToon

    EvanTheToon Old-Timer

    "Do you play the drums?" "Is that a special pen?" "Can you do it with both hands?" "What's the coolest thing you can do?" "Can you do that with a normal pen?" "How do you do that?"
  16. Flux

    Flux Member

    "wow baton spinning"
    "whoa thats a cool baton"
    "what you cant even write with it whats the point"
    "can you do something like this (uses other hand to guide the pen while doing like 20 antigravitys and impossible ariel flips between fingers"

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