What kind of penmodder are you ?

Discussion in 'Regular Pen Discussion' started by Vôre-Tèx, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Vôre-Tèx

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    Hello guys !

    I would like to talk about a new subject on this topic today. Since there are many differents kind of penmods, and penmodders I have thought about a graph that you can use if you want to know what kind of penmodder you are (or what kind of penmods you make) :


    Please consider that the best penmodder does not exist. Each kind of penmodder's creations can have their own value, quality and explanation. Do not think that the 1 is better than the 8, or something like this. Numbers are here for the explanation of the graph.

    Please, also consider that I am writing this topic with my own opinion and expertise. I am not telling any truth. The purpose of this thread is trying to understand all the directions of penmodding (I am going to write others articles about this soon).

    Don't be afraid about the "complexity" of this graph. Let me you explain.
    The graph is composed of 2 axis : A and F.

    • A means the aesthetic of a mod.
      ¤ When a mod is on the top of the A axis, it can be situated as one of the most beautiful one (it seems it's a subjective subject I know).
      ¤ When you don't work and think the aesthetic of a mod, its position can be situated on the bottom of the A axis.
    • F means the function of a mod.
      ¤ When a mod is on the right of the F axis, it satisfies perfectly 1 penspinning expectation (like the best penspinning expectation for powertrick, for hardlink, FC, etc, BUT only for one person (the penspinner) because this is subjective too).
      ¤ When you don't work and don't think about the function of a mod, its position can be situated on the left of the F axis.

    If you still don't understand the graph, here is with some examples, from my own opinion. I will develop it on another article as I said above.

    • Let's see about Sanchiu33's work : I consider his work on the top of the area 8. You can see all this mods on his Instagram account >here<

    • Menowa*. Majority of his mods are made for a penspinning exceptation (we can see that on his WT15 videos, each mod is different for a different kind of spin), but anyway, he takes care about the aesthetic of his mods.

    About the bottom of the graph, I am going to use 2 of my mods :

    • Triple Sided (TrS) more info >here<
      In my opinion, the bottom left of the graph is about experimental penmodding or regular pens almost no modified.

    • Vôre-Tèx Com.ssa. It satisfies perfectly about my spinning expectation and i didn't care about the aesthetic when I made it (because I hate using penmods too much beautiful for penspinning performance). This right bottom area is about most of the penspinners' penmods.

    Well, it was a quick explanation about how I see penmodding nowadays. I do think that each part of this graph (I mean each part of penmodding) can be improve. Just choose the one you like and go !
  2. Basileus_Ita

    Basileus_Ita Member

    What about cost of the mod, construction difficulty, sturdiness, customizability? You only describe F as how the mod performs for certain tricks/styles but these criterias fall under the F category too, right?
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  3. Snooze

    Snooze Member

    I understand (partly) what you're trying to do, but I think that you could use a better means to display what you are intending to show. Instead of having it organized in a clock-like form, where the opposites 1 and 8 are right next to each other, you could either do 1) a straight number line [meh option] ; or 2) consider A and F as 2 independant variables and plot as a scatterplot graph, that way you can actually depict how each person focuses on A and F instead of having to guess what number they would be [ better option ]
  4. Warped

    Warped Old-Timer

    lel while everyone is talking about other stuff, I'm just here to enjoy:)

    For me, I'm one.For example, I really like ballsigns,but people say that they're ugly, so yea. For me anything suits my style works.
  5. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    is this universal pen spinning board or geometry class
  6. mango

    mango rasengan Staff Member Beta-Moderator

    im a professional penmodder
  7. Zefia

    Zefia zefia teitoku

    i'm probably in the 1 section. my serious mods are made with as much care as i possibly can (considering i have limited amount of tools). however, some of my mods may lack function (e.g. personal g3: pleasant design but heavy for g3 standards).
    also, i suggest switching from a cartesian plane-esque diagram to a table or expand it (i.e. adding more axis)
    if both aren't functional, then i suggest creating another diagram that measures cost and complexity of a mod/modder's general standards.

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