"What mods can I make with...?" [Official Thread]

Discussion in 'Pen Modifications' started by Froggy, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. h2o

    h2o Member

  2. h2o

    h2o Member

    ok guy's it's my turn now ^^

    what can I make other than a buster cyl with airfit tips and grips ?
  3. Warped

    Warped Old-Timer

    Any vgg variation
    But honestly, I prefer making a airfit gripped comssa. :\
  4. AisaA

    AisaA New Member

    what can i make using frixion colors cap anyballs g3 lacknoch grip signo tips hi tec c tips and hyperjells
  5. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Eban g3
    Itezy G3 (brick)
    Probably some other g3 mods
    Pilot wingel=pilot g1
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  6. Basileus_Ita

    Basileus_Ita New Member

    Hi, today i have found in my house these old Crayola markers: Are they supertips? What mod could i do with them?
    Thanks in advance

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  7. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Any SC mods that use one penzgear ring?
  8. Crow72

    Crow72 New Member

    Hey guys, I’m a relatively new spinner, knowing all the fundamentals and their reverses, I also know some more intermediate tricks (Warped, Twisted Sonic) and can do simple linkages.

    In short, what can I make with G3’s, G2’s, Signos, and Anyballs?
    Edit : Oops, forgot about my Supertips and RSVP’s
  9. Timel3ss

    Timel3ss Member

    u can try to make a waterfall or a flying panda
  10. Mushw00m

    Mushw00m New Member

    Baaron dc with some Rsvp for the linking parts and anyball for the grips ? It's different, but you can try
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  11. Vôre-Tèx

    Vôre-Tèx Penmods creator

    A vgg mod with anyball grips and signo tips ? it's different, but you can try
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  12. A G3 mod or like a firefly mod, but for beginners, RSVP's are the best, followed by the waterfall and flying panda.

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