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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zkhan, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Peng15

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    nah shadow doesn't have a point. You ask great questions. :-p
  2. virtual

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    thank you :)
  3. fujiwaffle

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    he moved the previous thread to this one
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    oh thats the confusion sry @Shadow
  5. What's the definition of power moves. Like how would you describe them?
  6. Fraction

    Fraction Stop

    Power tricks are a certain category of tricks that are large flashy and usually aerial. They're often difficult to learn and even more difficult to get consistent. Some examples of power tricks are the hai tua, the pun kan and the spread.
  7. Obie

    Obie Old-Timer

    It took me 3 days to learn and master spread. And I was using a BICtory then. Is that normal?
  8. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    Hi, I've been spinning for 3 months and I'm wondering whether Im progressing at a fast, slow, or regular rate. I can confidentely do all the thumbaround and fingerless thumbaround related tricks, all the wiper related tricks, shadow, twisted sonic(inverse and reverse), sonic, inverse sonic, charge, fingerpass(reverse and normal), devil's tricks, demon's sonic, twisted sonic bust, bust, around, bak, sonic rise, swivel, twisted cobra bite, and the fingerless thumbcharge reverse. I'm working on the power pass, spread, bak fall (I can only do bak in the 12 and 23 slots), and twisted sonic multiple bust.
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  9. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    i would learn the shadow and i would continue learning the other wiper related tricks
  10. OPdelivers

    OPdelivers Old-Timer

    Trick-wise, you seem pretty speedy to me, but my progression was slow anyways.

    How is you skill in creating linkages and short combos? That becomes your priority once your trick base gets larger.
  11. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    I have tried spreads and it is hard. I think your progression of learning spread is faster than normal. I know a guy who can powerpass to pinky spread with a straw in less than 2 months. He still doesn't have a mod and can't do the fundamental.
  12. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    I think im pretty good with combos...
    I guess I just practice a lot and do it at school when im bored
  13. OPdelivers

    OPdelivers Old-Timer

    Consider checking out tigres's simple linkage series. He posted it in the linkages section and on his youtube channel (tigresuuu). They might be a bit difficult, but are really worth learning.
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  14. OPdelivers

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    Also, try not to double post.

    EDIT: I'm a goddamn hypocrite.

    Please excuse me while I cry in a corner over my stupidity.
  15. WyldeFyre

    WyldeFyre Old-Timer

    If I want to learn the supawit/spinnerpeem style, what order should I learn in? I know the answer may be long but I promise you'll be invaluable.
  16. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    depends, how much do you know, if you already know the basics and intermediate stuff than you obviously need to learn power tricks after, thats the most I can say tbh
  17. WyldeFyre

    WyldeFyre Old-Timer

    I know the basics but i don't think I know all of the intermediate. I'm just trying to figure out what's unnecessary for me to learn for power style
  18. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    do you know the rev of the basics? like rev twisted sonic, rev charge, rev ta, rev sonic, etc.... if not thats something that you got to learn no matter what style you have, Im not going to advise you more cause Im not that great at advising but Im pretty sure that any trick really would be great to have in your repertoire. It also depends on what you know now specificity now and how your power style is going to envolve,
  19. KatoX

    KatoX New Member

    So I'm not sure what trick to do next. I know the fundamentals, reverse fundies, twisted sonic, shadow 12-12, bakfall and baks, twisted sonic bust, fl ta and reverse, double thumb around, neosonic, reverse thumb flap charge, fake double and extended ta. Thanks
  20. Anemia


    I would learn Devil/Demon Sonics, and their variations next. Also, Sonic Rise/Fall.. as well as Reverse Shadows might be good for you at this moment. If you want, you can start practicing Wipers, and Infinity's too.. if you haven't already.

    You should also start working on linking what you already know together, into a usable combo.. and then try and learn tricks that start from the ending position of your last move.

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