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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zkhan, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. osm3y

    osm3y Member

    @Jellyman learn baks, baks are life. And reverse sonics in all slots
  2. Thanks guys!

    And you... Lol
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  3. snoopy1218

    snoopy1218 New Member

    My learning order is more or less like this, nail the four fundamentals in whichever order you prefer, and then move on to other variations of the base tricks, then connect them. I'm just a little better than the average beginner, just by knowing all these fundamentals and their variations; past these easy self-taught tricks, I suggest you go out and actually find other pen spinners that can teach you stuff they know (like I did when i found esp at my high school, it was tight)

    Thumbaround: Regular, Reverse, Fingerless, and Multiple variations.
    -Learn to catch Thumbaround in different finger slots for other tricks.
    Sonic: Regular, Inverse, and in multiple finger slots.
    Charge: Regular and Reverse, in all finger slots, thumbflap.
    -Shadows: palm down charges will lead into shadows.
    Fingerpass: Normal and Reverse, in all finger slots and thumbflap, get good at this for fluidity.
    -Twisted Sonic is essentially a charge combined with a fingerpass.

    Other things to add on to fundamentals: Palm up/down variations, busts and baks, wiper tricks. These I suggest finding other pen-spinners to teach, because no amount of description on forum posts can teach as easily as watching somebody do it, and conversing with others in the process of learning.
  4. Snake

    Snake ̴̛̤̙̮̜͉̮ͫ̔̆͘ͅ ̴͇͔̝͉̫̗͌̑̂̚͞ͅ ͥͭ̔͋̂͗͌̂̽̃͂̊̚͡ ̴̛ͫ̔̆͘

    what to do when you learn every single pen spinning trick?
  5. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    learn new linkages

    or simply just make your own tricks
  6. Noobypenspinner162

    Noobypenspinner162 New Member

    keep doing the tricks util you can do them fluently the do some combos
  7. Snake

    Snake ̴̛̤̙̮̜͉̮ͫ̔̆͘ͅ ̴͇͔̝͉̫̗͌̑̂̚͞ͅ ͥͭ̔͋̂͗͌̂̽̃͂̊̚͡ ̴̛ͫ̔̆͘

    lmao just wondering why did you make your name that
  8. Noobypenspinner162

    Noobypenspinner162 New Member

    because I am a nooby pen spinner

    but surprisingly, my first trick was the twisted sonic and i cant even do a thumbaround
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  9. D3V1L

    D3V1L Member

    What should i learn after :
    Figure 8
    Fingerless TA
    Fingerpass normal/reverse
    (Ive learnt this in a few days,but i cant do sonic)
    Is there anyrhing i can learn thats not as hard as sonic and it can be learnt in a day?
  10. Letho72

    Letho72 Old-Timer

    Considering Sonic is a fundamental I'd say learn that. It's a foundation for many other core tricks, there's a reason it's one of the 4 fundies. You'll be hard pressed to find any trick you can learn in a day, most take at least week to learn and much longer to master.
  11. Snake

    Snake ̴̛̤̙̮̜͉̮ͫ̔̆͘ͅ ̴͇͔̝͉̫̗͌̑̂̚͞ͅ ͥͭ̔͋̂͗͌̂̽̃͂̊̚͡ ̴̛ͫ̔̆͘

    why do you wanna learn tricks in under a day
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  12. D3V1L

    D3V1L Member

    Idk,just want to learn something as easy as twisted sonic or infinity
  13. Pen_Sp1nz

    Pen_Sp1nz New Member

    I know:
    Fundamentals & reverses
    twisted sonic & rev
    warped sonic & rev
    demon's sonic
    devil's sonic
    neo sonic & rev
    sonic rise & rev
    Fl TA & rev
    TA release
    Power pass
    index around
    pinky around
    double charge
    twisted sonic bust
    demon's sonic bust
    Pass & rev. (obviously)
    inverse sonic & rev
    wiper & rev
    Figure 8 & rev
    infinity ext.
    double infinity
    devil's shadow
    And I know some simple linkages
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  14. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Probably learning the Korean Back Around in all main slots would be good and really help widen you trick base and combo potential. You already know busts and if you want you could try learning Double and Triple Bust, but you may rather want to focus on starting to form non-obvious combos. Like Sonic 34-23 > Twisted Sonic 23-12 is a pretty obvious connection, but try coming up with things that take a little more practice and thought. This will be easier once you learn Baks too because there are many possible transitions into Baks.

    After Baks you'll have most of the introductory tricks learned, so you could go for slightly less common tricks, like Palm Spin and Swivel, to further increase combo variation. Basically after Baks and Palm Spin learn whatever you want and start focusing on creating 2 or 3 "quality" combos that you don't easily learn in like 2 minutes. In regards to specific tricks after Baks, really just go for anything, like power tricks (e.g., Hai Tua and Palm Spin > FL TA), or perhaps Wiper linkages, or Reverses/Inverses of tricks, or whatever because you do have a lot of tricks down, so combos should be one of the next big steps in addition to whatever tricks you learn.
  15. Pen_Sp1nz

    Pen_Sp1nz New Member

    K, thanks =)
  16. p3ngu1n

    p3ngu1n New Member

    Can do a lot of tricks minus power. Now that im kind of lost, should I be learning power to improve the quality of my pen spinning.

    - I did like two hai tuas ever, could definitely work on that
    - Learned Sym bak

    Thats just about it lol

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