What would be considered beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc. in pen spinning?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bitpen, Oct 5, 2017.

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    My question is what the beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories are scaled to? Would advanced be considered someone like vora who has spun for 4 years? or would advanced simply mean that you know most tricks (ranging from basic fundamentals to a powerpass) like ktrinh93 for example?
  2. Tigres

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  3. DArKT

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    Beginner - someone who can execute tricks separately and perform small simple combos/linkages

    Intermediate - knows more tricks than average beginner and is able to perform a larger range of combos, although not as smoothly or as effective as advanced

    Advanced is pretty much uncalled for, I think. If you follow logical progression you can figure it out IMO
  4. Spinner.HoW*

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    did you know the "Loom Bands" system? just saw it on the blog. hehe
    btw, there's a certain color of bands that indicates how many tricks you've already mastered. from 1-10, 11-20, and so on... I forgot the name of that blog. hehe but I think it's not that helpfull because most ignored it.
  5. Tigres

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    Never heard of it, wouldn't mind if you'd give me a brief description of it.

    If that could be an indicator of what 'level' of spinner you are, then I'd bet people would be more than welcome to implement it.

    If any, I'd judge a spinner's level based on how memorable his spinning is in terms of its quality (which has an infinite amount of factors).
  6. i.suk

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    beginner: when you don't even consider these discussions because you're busy counting number of tricks you know
    intermediate: when you consider these categories because you want to feel you aren't a beginner any more
    advanced: when you've developed enough skill and comprehension of PS to realise you've still got so, so, so much further to go and so many things to improve in and learn

    alternate - beginner: you are frustrated at dropping on tricks, intermediate: you are frustrated at dropping on combos, advanced: you've dropped so much you don't care
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  7. BillyGoat

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    beginner: FROM-> u still learning the basic tricks(TA,sonic,shadow,charge,infinity,etc) and probably still spins with writing pens, and look at more intermediate/advanced spinners and tricks and think 'thats impossible to do, i will never ever be able to do it,IM GIVING UP', still spins stucked/slowly TO-> u are getting a mod cus u have intent to go serious on the art, knows around 12 tricks, starting to mastered the basic tricks, ur spinning is beggining to get fluid
    intermediate: FROM -> u can do the basic tricks consecutevly with minimal % of errors,start to get into the long list of the variations of the basic tricks, can do some linkage between moves, still looks at advanced spinners and tricks and thinks 'thats impossible,they are crazy', knows around 20 tricks, knows short combos, can spin faster than begginer, ur friends ask u for teach then some tricks, u remember of urself when they struggle with basic moves and have those riggid hands, u have more than one mod TO-> knows around 30 tricks, have mastered a lot of variations of basic tricks, pass from learning mostly tricks to learning combos, knows long combos, looks at advanced spinners/tricks and dreams 'thats my goal, this will be me one day, I CAN DO IT', but still not sure if one day will be able to spin like a pro
    advanced: FROM-> u are able to do most of tricks from the list, can do lots of long and complicated combos, u know the hard tricks, can do aerials and arm tricks, looks at better spinners than u knowing its just a matter of time till u get there TO-> u are one of the master of PS, congratulations son, theres not a trick on the list u havent done, ur speed of spining is like a lightining, ur fluidness is like water, people look at u and say' OMG,WTF ARE U DOING?', begginers/intermediate spinners sees u and they mouth drop, they never believe they be like u
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    there is no specific boundary or number of tricks which defines your level. It all depends on your execution of any trick, linkage or combo. Hope this helped !

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