Why do you think experienced spinners dislike inexperienced spinners vice-versa?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Tigres, Feb 11, 2015.

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    idk but the way i read his comment was that he thought that I thought he could only do power and must use heavy mods and that's why I said u were as bad as him if he could only do power and use heavy mods, but i was saying that you were pretty okay but couldn't do power (at least, i used to be able to bust more than you) ugh my logic flow is bad don't listen to me

    cuz i.suk is the only "pro" that I bothered to watch lmao
    yea i coulda said my point better. i meant to say that you are getting "pro" faster than I was getting "pro" even though i technically am more experienced than you.
    but srs wtf u were better than me after like 2 weeks u could actually link but i couldn't after like 3 months

    tldr: this entire conversation is useless, we're straying from the subject bla blah blah lets all shut up about it cuz i don't want anyone else mentioning flaws in my comments.
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    of course not, screaming is way better than i was when i'd spun 1 year or so xD i'd never dismiss any spinner as useless (especially not in their early stages), because i was super rubbish before i hit 3 1/2 years or so - most recent-ish spinners in their first 3 years progress way way faster than i did and learn the same tricks with less time spent

    but, sorry to sound like an arrogant prick, but at my current level as shown in 9 year solo (and even a while before then), it wouldn't be hard for me to copy or surpass a typical 'wt/wc level' spinner in technical level without having to use any power or rev fl at all and, i can do basically every non-fl combo i've filmed using 'heavy mod' with mod weighing 16g or less (in fact, my black caps/ST body mod that many people mistake to be a kt weighs about 16g)

    maybe these comments will ruin the pedestal that you (incorrectly) put me on, but people (both newer and older spinners) making generalisations like this are a significant reason why higher level spinners dislike newer ones (even though i don't really mind what people think, and i do not blame them for their views, especially since spinning writing implement isn't even 'significant' in greater picture of life, and i spin purely for my own enjoyment)

    but, there are many spinners better than me - menowa, supawit, mesi, slofis, xound - and you should definitely investigate them too, because you will limit your view of this beautiful artform if you focus on one spinner only
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    srs guys stop talking about this im seeing more discontinuity and errors in my logic lol pls

    oh well... my point (as ive said before) is that a) wrong topic for this thread and b) some ppl get better faster or slower than others and experience is not directly proportional to ability most of the time
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    If you see an error, fix it son.
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    it got to the point where idek what i was trying to say either
    and too lazy regardless

    and also btw if anyone thought i was being rude or disrespectful in my comments, please know that none of that was intended and it ended up coming out that way as a result of me rushing to write comments and using negligible time to see if what I was saying came out the way i intended okay lol ill try stop posting in this thread
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    I use to hate my brother for liking chowcow and thinking that he was as good as wt spinners
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    To be fair it used to be a lot worse when Ktrinh93 still made videos and PSing was still somewhat popular in 2011/2012
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    chowcow's "style" has a pretty good appeal to non-spinners or newer spinners, cuz it is pretty fast and looped and flowed well. Some people would look at say f2f and say it's too slow and stuff, and they have a point, given that they know nothing
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    you want fast and flow? then hal is best choice, as well as mesi - these 2 guys are actually god-tier and far better model to aspire to, even if beginners cannot really tell why they are so good, it's definitely beneficial to have legit skilled 'big name' to look up to rather than mediocre randoms who i will not name explicitly

    i don't get why beginners think 'XXX random nub is as good as XXX pro spinner' when everyone else says/thinks otherwise, being beginner is no excuse - if they acknowledge lack of skill, they should just follow decisions of those with greater knowledge and experience (this applies to real life non-spinning issues as well)
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    ha nerd
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    I never thought chowcow was a WT spinner inverse reverse u fucktard I knew he's was a shitty spinner like you
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    "Why do you think experienced spinners dislike inexperienced spinners vice-versa?"
    Because they're shit as fuck vice-versa
  14. EveRest


    "Why do you think experienced spinners dislike inexperienced spinners vice-versa?"

    Oldies hate newbs cos they are new
    Newbies have oldies cos they are old.
    Simple as that, yo
  15. No idea about this I'm still 10 and I got a spinning friend who's 100x better than me still acts a little bit like you guys describe. (So I don't think maturity is the thing, for me it's just personality)
    (I am a N00b so you pros might not think that way)
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    One thing that truly frustrated me was learning rate. Spinners such as sc and invrev (SOL was still a semi serious team at the time) were around my spinning age, within a month or two, and they were leagues ahead of me. Ofc now I realize they aren't the best spinners, and I'm fine learning at my own rate.
    One reason experienced (im looping myself into this category) spinners dislike noobs is their apparent lack of knowledge of ps, and that most of us are angsty edgy teens, we tend to look down on inexperience.
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    because inexperienced spinners (well, even many experienced/good spinners) say entirely incorrect things about what tricks are 'new' and who first did the trick, wrong things about difficulty and creativity and execution etcetcetc

    ohwait that's just life coz people who express differing views to you are annoying, unless those people are ones you respect, in which case you become confused
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    tbh I kinda like everyone as a new spinner,
    I am aware that there's a vast difference between the thinking, perspective and skill of new and old spinners, which imo is pretty much the reason for all the hate.
    Its natural for someone who's way better than you to feel superiority over you, and in some cases "show off", and it is also natural for newer spinners to pretty much give false information while trying to contribute to the community with hardly any experience.
    I think the newer spinners are the ones to blame though, I personally understand how annoying it can be when a noob asks you repetitive and stupid questions (I've been there, not in psing though because im a noob myself) and It's obvious why experienced spinners tend to give "rude" answers.
    This is my point of view as a noob spinner, I don't really know how to solve this kind of a problem, but I guess you could say that noob spinners need to keep their mouths shut :\
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    maybe it's all about pride and how they look upon themselves.
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