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    Tigres mentioned PS world records committee/group, as far as I know no group exists, but I'll try to compile records here.

    Note: alternating cont generally excluded from this list, or else too many tricks to count and too easy to 'invent' new series to claim. I'll update video links gradually, but all vids below are generally pretty easy to find.

    NB: if you can find the inverse thumbspin 15+ by some unknown guy, peem's bust x 20 rise, it'd be much appreciated. Also, tell me if I missed any tricks or if there are videos of higher numbers/rotations.

    Normal direction cont

    fl ta: 1082 by mksft [twps]

    index bust: 1088 by evolution [twps]

    mid bust: 107 by a13x [fpsb]

    ring bust: 20+ by spinnerpeem [thpsc] <-- note this video is ring bust x 20 > mid bust x 20 > index bust x 20 > fl ta x 20 or so, he can do more (my estimate from seeing his consistency IRL is that it is in 40-50 range)
    pinky bust: 16 by i.suk [upsb]

    hand bust: 17 by i.suk [upsb]

    fl ta release: 38 by ivabra [fpsb] <-- original method
    fl ta - index spread to air: 400+ by i.suk [upsb]
    index bust aerial: 69 by i.suk [upsb]

    mid bust aerial: 31 by i.suk [upsb]

    [index bust aerial - index bust]: 90 by spinnerpeem [thpsc]
    [mid bust aerial - mid bust]: 21 by i.suk [upsb]

    fl ia palmside: 41 by sekai [upsb] <-- I've heard that a13x could to 70+ when he was active, but he only recorded x 30.
    fl ia palmside aerial: 100 by drake [ppp]
    fl ma palmside: 11 by i.suk [upsb] <-- very old video, people can probably beat this by now, so this is just placeholder
    fl ra palmside: 12 by i.suk [upsb] <-- also placeholder
    mid spread: ~ 2250 by i.suk [upsb]
    ring spread: 616 by i.suk [upsb]
    pinky spread: 932 by urchin [jeb]

    mid spread aerial: 103 by i.suk [upsb]
    pinky spread aerial: 50 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - palmspin 0.5]: 432 by windy [jeb]
    [fl ia - palmspin 0.5]: 180 by ppm [twps]
    [fl ma - palmspin 0.5]: 30-35 by ppm [twps] <-- not recorded, peem can do 30+ as well
    [fl ra - palmspin 0.5]: unclaimed
    [fl pa - palmspin 0.5]: 16 by bonzin [jeb]

    [fl ta - palmspin] aerial: 156 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ia - palmspin] aerial: 25 by i.suk [upsb] <-- spinnerpeem can apparently do 40-50 or more, but not recorded

    [fl ta - palmspin 1.0]: 51 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - palmspin 1.5]: 16 by windy [jeb]
    [fl ta - palmspin 2.0]: 10 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ia - palmspin 1.0]: 27 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - ss 0.5]: 200 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - ss] aerial: 162 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ia - ss 0.5]: 202 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - index ss 0.5]: 88 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - index ss 0.5] aerial: 106 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ta - ring ss 0.5]: 22 by windy [jeb] <-- technique uses aerial cheat, not really valid video. I saw supawit do 33 with perfect technique IRL at zhigao 2016 event, so I guess any claimant to record in future should aim to do higher than that.
    [fl ta - ring ss] aerial: 150 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ma - ring ss 0.5]: 34 by i.suk [upsb]
    [mirr pp rev - ring ss 0.5]: 27 by i.suk [upsb]

    [fl ta - ss 1.0]: 22 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ia - ss 1.0]: 20 by i.suk [upsb]

    [fl ia - ss] aerial 0.5: 20 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ia - ss] aerial 1.0: 15 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ma - ring ss] aerial 0.5: 12 by i.suk [upsb]
    [fl ma - ring ss] aerial 1.0: 8 by i.suk [upsb]
    [mirr pp rev - ring ss] aerial 0.5: 8 by i.suk [upsb]
    [mirr pp rev - ring ss] aerial 1.0: 10 by i.suk [upsb]
    aerial hai tua: 156 by i.suk [upsb]
    hai tua: 75 by i.suk [upsb]
    pun kan: 13 by i.suk [upsb] <-- it is likely that spinnerpeem and bula can do more

    Reverse direction cont

    bak 1.0: 543 by ppm [twps]
    weisbak 1.5: 265 by angelicxallure [twps]
    midbak 1.5: 157 by katts [jeb] <-- apparently eriror did midbaks for 35 minutes (over 2000), so it is certain that people can do far more than 200
    midbak 1.5 with mx: 12 by cloud travellever [pds] <-- honorary mention for history's sake, I don't think anyone has filmed higher than this yet (?)
    ringbak 1.5: 150 by a13x [fpsb] <-- I'm sure he did it, but video link is needed
    pinkybak 1.5: 300 by a13x [fpsb] <-- offcam record is in 800s apparently

    ringbak 2.0: 15 by a13x [fpsb]
    pinkybak 2.0: 79 by neirda [fpsb]
    pinkybak 2.5: 17 by neirda [fpsb]
    pinkybak 3.0: 7 by neirda [fpsb]

    pinkybak pop spin: 10 by a13x [fpsb] <-- offcam record is in 30-40 range apparently
    [fl ia rev - palmspin rev 0.5]: 10 by enigma [spsb]
    [fl ra rev - palmspin rev 0.5]: 25 by jin [psh]
    [ring mid mirr pp - palmspin rev 0.5]: 40 by i.suk [upsb]
    pun kan rev: 3 by gsl [psh]


    thumbspin: 23.0 by jako [jeb]
    thumbindexspin: 23.0 by seiren [jeb]
    thumbspin with pencil: 15.5 by sunrise [jeb] <-- honorary mention, hardest feat in PS history
    thumbindexspin: 40+ by imiga [jeb]
    thumbindexspin reverse: 14.0 by ponkotu [jeb]
    inverse thumbspin: 17.5+ by some unknown spinner, video is on youtube somewhere that I can no longer find.
    basketballspin: 6.5 by fire@fox [jeb]
    copterspin: 27.5 by seiren [jeb]
    palmspin (other hand push): 47.0 by pearls [jeb]
    palmspin (ta push interrupted): 14.0 by clumsy [jeb]
    indexspin: likely to be 15.0+ by clear, but not recorded. I filmed 10.0, but I know there are a lot of people who can do higher.
    middlespin: 10.5 by naru [pds] <-- not perfect
    sidespin: 15.0 by naru [pds]
    inv shadow: 13.0 by argon [jeb]
    bakfall: 3.5 by s777 [fpsb]
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    put me in here i got charge 9999x
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    Previous promise from me still stands: I will join SOL if you guys can take at least 3 WR from me.
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    Thanks, updated some of the topspin ones (damn, naru is awesome). You have link to A13x's ringbak 1.5 x 150 and naru's indexspin 14.5? I found naru sidespin 15.0 incidentally (WR) and his midspin 10.5-ish (9.5 of the spins on middle, worth including anyway), and sherry/argon's inv shadow 13.0.
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    number of rotations is probably in the 60.0s
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    updated with pinkybak 2.5 x 17 by @Neir'da <3 (and also my index ss x 28 and index ss aerial x 106)
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