WT World Tournament 2017 Round 1: Lineups OUT!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zkhan, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Zkhan

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  2. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    let's take a guess before vids come out, pretty hard to determine though (a lot of competition for 4th position in some groups)

    A - watto, gollumsk8, leisurely, one of popte or iota

    B - sira, r87, dio, darkt

    C - kay, bula, kieolt, van (gl zeph and gravity)

    D - x1213, ction; really close between juzzle, padrace, ohyeah - apesso has slight chance perhaps)

    E - GSL, ennis, scream, vgod (i'm supporting laye, but he might be rusty)

    F - katts, vain, flow (i.e. kipple), neir'da (tough group for monk)

    G - possibly the easiest group (?) esummer, yua, zo.xoa, juan (if he can do similar level to his coffeelucky 4th combo). fluffey was quite strong back in 2015 in IT or something, haven't seen him spin in a while however - if he's improved since then he could make r2 probably; not familiar with vampire's spinning so can't tell

    H - beygeek, taeko, myself; karuna/mango (close), mosieq could contend if he films with proper setup

    at least it seems more balanced than previous years IMO
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  3. coffeelucky

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    Look like we don't have 'G for God', 'D for Damn', or 'F for Fxck'. Maybe because I don't know most of the participants this year.
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  4. Enigma

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    GSL, ctionist!!!
    they are still alive <3
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  5. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    you should've entered too D:
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  6. padrace

    padrace Member

    I'm pretty excited because, as I see it, there's no single favorite for the win. But there's a fairly short list of real contenders:

    To me, the three top contenders are vain, I.suk, and Kay. Not sure how Kay's spinning is doing right now, but I love his WT13 stuff so much, I have to put him right near the top. Those combos had it all.
    I.suk, of course, can show off technical mastery with under-appreciated variety and inventiveness. Unrivaled consistency gives him some very impressive, if not beautifully stylish, execution.
    Vain is just a straight-up killer. Perfect exec & style with scary technical ability when he wants it. However, over 4-6 combos, his range and variety might grow a little stale, as Kay and I.suk have the capability for much more excitement and variety.

    Next tier: people who, with a little improvement or luck, can truly compete with the spinners above.
    GSL- possibly one of the very best, hard to know after all this time.
    Ction- has a history of showing off some cool stuff in WT. Again, needs some cool new material/improvement to have a shot at those top 3.
    X1213- I don't know if he really can compete with the top guys at all, just gotta give him credit because he could prove me wrong.
    R87- nice presentation, knows how to put together an impressive combo with great direction changes. Needs an extra something to bridge the gap.

    Outside chance:
    Watto, vgod, gollumsk8, taeko, katts, flow (maybe over-optimistic; I just really like kipple).

    If you disagree with my early predictions, good! Talk about it! Let's get this discussion going!
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  7. DArKT

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    I feel flattered that you see me as a contender for R2. It's my only true goal on this edition of WT as a Brazilian to be the first of my country to get past group stage lol. I'm doing my best to prepare a good combo.

    Not mentioning Watto for some reason? I feel that's odd, he's probably one of the most innovative spinners "style wise" in my opinion. Hope to see more of his material in this one as I was disappointed with his cut short participation in the previous one
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  8. Enigma

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    maybe in 2019 :)
  9. i.suk

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    one post can't embed more than 5 vids, RIP.





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    sorry for post chain, but no one else is updating this thread at same rate i am right now lol



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  12. Twine

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    Wow, I'm honestly surprised at how low the level of spinning is...

    Very impressed with spriNk and i.suk though.
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  14. Monk

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  16. i.suk

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    vgod (vice)



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