Writable pen mods?

Discussion in 'Regular Pen Discussion' started by HotGrandpa, May 10, 2017.

  1. HotGrandpa

    HotGrandpa New Member

    So it's been a few years since I've moded any pens, let alone spun a moded pen. I'm looking for mods that are actually pens and can write, so which ones do ou guys like? Pictures and names would be greatly appreciated!

    Also yes, I have plenty of Rsvp mx mods, so save your breath :)

    Thanks ahead!
  2. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    HGS^3, RT waterfall, uh Mesi G3 V1, XGMX, G2 Extended, G2-X, Energel-X
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  3. Timel3ss

    Timel3ss New Member

    RSVP MMX, and wat Security said
  4. Instinct

    Instinct Member

  5. Aeoluz

    Aeoluz Member

    Frozn's retractable g3 if you wanna be classy
  6. Warped

    Warped Old-Timer

    Any rsvp mod,any g3 mp variant or rt variant,any-x,extended g2,g2 dx by fluffy,
    and basically everything written above

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