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  1. ChinaPserX

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    X think...

    Excavating machinery can carry commodity(sack)

    You past should play grab doll

    1 coin machine paw down...

    X think...

    LOL win from luck,Not play it is good

    Game frend this time good next time no good(Not fixed)。
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  2. Monk

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    me rn
  3. Wallly

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    Let's get this guy a dictionary for his birthday
  4. ChinaPserX

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    Today X teacher teaching you studying Chinese!

    A day 15 word(5 new word 10 old word review),Not excessive tired,Not death,Remember play game!

    You one day life reviewed about 2000 word,Therefore you feel Chineses very much difficulty...

    But you olny need insist,Can no study write,Have translate machine,You also can hear Chinese music,Translate it,Work game time hear!

    League of legend time have team bad me out,Also can wait time studies English!

    First study alway use word!

    You can want to interesting,Hello 你好 ni hao,need hours,I in need house say ni hao!
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  5. TheArker

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    I think we should teach you English before you try to teach us Chinese
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  6. ChinaPserX

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    Today,X teacher again teach you study Chinese secret...

    Earth people all study English,But have English do first language almost study Chinese

    No.1 secret,See grasses head have "cao",See windows head have "chuang kou"

    No.2 secret,Interest,I see not good movies I very much pain,But see Bruce Lee very much comfortable

    Music also identical,Can play also can study!

    If you often careless,I can help you!

    Many check,Such as you home door lock,You car lock...

    Have a method,Alarm clock let you remember important of something。
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  7. i.suk

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    we should compile these posts into some document for future generations to appreciate
  8. ChinaPserX

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  9. ChinaPserX

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    My friend,I want to a dreadful thing...

    Computer only deliberately let me win

    It want to be computer people,And create new computer people

    Countless computer peple kill people(They know threaten people life...)

    And they not death progress stop,Because dream no use

    If sun explosion,They also no know,No invention protect membrane

    People disappear...
  10. ChinaPserX

    ChinaPserX Member

    Very much many people say penspin what use?

    Be clever people, People most clever in the earth...

    Because hand foot most flexible

    Penspin is most flexible hand motion

    You ask,If all people penspin,That who do architecture or doctor?

    My teacher Hanhan say,You car bad have people repair

    Be like you LOL I alway auxiliary not worry no people up mid down or farmer...

    If you work,Work over can penspin(I try no death),But very much tired work not can...(Can game)

    If you rest day,Can half day penspin half day game,Because hands only can spin 8 hour

    Zhuojun say,Not compare,Beyond oneself!

    I ever saw TV,Have people work boss not give moneys

    He go to stolen boss's safe,Into prison...

    X teacher choice tell guest,Always successful got moneys

    If boss let people hit you,You say if is boss not give you moneys?

    Not people help boss...

    Cleve veru much important!
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  11. TheArker

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  12. ChinaPserX

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  13. ChinaPserX

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    X LOL show 2nd...

    Say pen magic secret,KO 2000,Computer dowm black place have other pen(or coin)

    Poker can mark,Thumb have false(have 100 money),Outside screen can do very

    many thing(change poker hold crystal ball )Bag fall use foot kict pen pen no see...

    Vegas 10.0 Only use less video,Many will collapse,This video do very long time

    My blog not can use,China xin lang blog jealousy me,now use new blog,http://hhd350628411.blog.163.com/blog/#m=0

    My parent not give me work,Brother in dinner use tea water fuse vegetables not give me sleep,I only out family

    Very many boss not like me ,Dismiss me,I everywhere run!

    The video down link:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o7LCg7S
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  14. ChinaPserX

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  15. ChinaPserX

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    X metal slug mission 1 show!Very much ugly...
    (下载Down)— (浏览browse)—(桌面desktop)—(确定OK)!

    X 3 country kill espionage Caozhi win!(Have grade200,No.4、5desk good people!I no.7dsek!Other bad people kill no.1desk boss!)

    If you want to study Chinese one day study 5 word no tired...
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  16. ChinaPserX

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    X teacher best the server successive victory x5 all position...

    Not angry,I s3 start play...

    China have news,Husband in wife home live,But wife mother rape him,House is wife mother

    How to do it?Rent boss also can...

    X teacher teach you,Separate live,Hour hotle(be careful tea of night),Say hospital buy seed。
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  17. Monk

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  18. ChinaPserX

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    5000 years of Chinese history I all know(Close China door?Hua tuo not teach student die?),Foreign country history I aslo know(napoleon not win russia very much cold)...

    If I use Chinese your machine cannot translate

    Study Chinese history can go bookstore or network,I teach only this and my blog have...

    China history author have very much many spare tire therefor preservation very well!


    X teacher work photo...
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