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Discussion in 'Manipulative Arts' started by Solid, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy New Member

    Love to see others enthusiastic about yoyoing. I'm thinking of picking up a yyf Flight. 4a seems hella fun, especially soloham.

    Getting past prelims is already quite an achievement, best of luck to you! :)
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  2. Kyy

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    oh god 4a yoyos bring back nightmares. prepare to drop it hard as shit on the ground about a million times before you learn the simple start up. i have a green yyf flight and its great btw. also, once u get it, use the string to spin the bearing, it makes a really satisfying sound.
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  3. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Member

    That's awesome! I think if you keep at it, you can win nats at least. I know a 4a yoyoer who started about 3 years ago, and now he won USA Nats in 4a this year. I was so proud.

    Yeah yoyoing is expensive af. The Flight is a really solid 4a yoyo, but it is really, really heavy. Might be heavy on regens. I heard Kamui came out with some new stuff, so I would jump on that too. I would def recommend having one tho as they're quite exceptional for 4a. (also in response to Ginxxxy)

    All 4a yoyos break eventually. It's best to have at least a spare.
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  4. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus New Member

    Stuff just got delivered. I'm super pumped right now. :)



    blazing bird.jpg

    Decided to get some cheap 4A throw for practice. Unforfunately, this is the cheapest one available to me in Thailand. It's a little bit more expensive than Flight. :( And it plays muchhhh worse, lol

    The V, however, is pretty rad. I also managed to get it in a really good deal [no box, so it is cheaper].
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