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Discussion in 'Manipulative Arts' started by Solid, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

    Love to see others enthusiastic about yoyoing. I'm thinking of picking up a yyf Flight. 4a seems hella fun, especially soloham.

    Getting past prelims is already quite an achievement, best of luck to you! :)
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  2. Kumuwu

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    oh god 4a yoyos bring back nightmares. prepare to drop it hard as shit on the ground about a million times before you learn the simple start up. i have a green yyf flight and its great btw. also, once u get it, use the string to spin the bearing, it makes a really satisfying sound.
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  3. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    That's awesome! I think if you keep at it, you can win nats at least. I know a 4a yoyoer who started about 3 years ago, and now he won USA Nats in 4a this year. I was so proud.

    Yeah yoyoing is expensive af. The Flight is a really solid 4a yoyo, but it is really, really heavy. Might be heavy on regens. I heard Kamui came out with some new stuff, so I would jump on that too. I would def recommend having one tho as they're quite exceptional for 4a. (also in response to Ginxxxy)

    All 4a yoyos break eventually. It's best to have at least a spare.
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  4. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    Stuff just got delivered. I'm super pumped right now. :)



    blazing bird.jpg

    Decided to get some cheap 4A throw for practice. Unforfunately, this is the cheapest one available to me in Thailand. It's a little bit more expensive than Flight. :( And it plays muchhhh worse, lol

    The V, however, is pretty rad. I also managed to get it in a really good deal [no box, so it is cheaper].
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  5. vicobermudez7

    vicobermudez7 New Member

    Don't know much about yoyo, but I started kendama three months ago and I think I'm progressing fairly quickly. I just got lunar flips, juggle to spike, and handle stall in the past month. I want to get a yoyo in the summer, (maybe the recess first base or something premier) but kendama is my focus right now as well as scootering. Pen spinning for me has kinda stalled out, but I still spin regularly at school with the tricks I know.
  6. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

    Awesome progress! If you do decide to pick up yoyoing theres lots of great options, like the yyf onestar, protostar, replay pro, magic yoyo n12, skyva, etc. (And the two you listed of course.) There is ton to choose from!

    Have fun :)
  7. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member


    Experience and impression:
    I did not compete, by the way. Tbh, I regretted not competing after seeing a few performances. Seemed like a lot of fun, and it was only a 2-min routine. If you have never been to contests before, just to let you know that the atmosphere there is really pumping. The crowd was great. I was there just to buy more Jet Set EGs, and for Mickey to take a look at my The V, which I thought I stripped the thread in one of the yoyo halves.

    Not only to make you guys jelly, but also to tell you guys how cool Mickey is as a human being. My uncle got me there early, so they were still moving things around the stage. We were sitting at a café near the stage when I saw Mickey. Just like in the dreams, man. Except it was real. He was checking out his papers or something, so I approached him and be like
    'Mickey! I bought this yo-yo from you, and I think I stripped the thread inside. Could you fix it for me? I'm willing to pay. Can I show it to you right here?'.

    He was like 'yeah'. His voice was deep, I was kinda intimidated a lil bit. I walked to the nearest table, and took apart the yo-yo for him to examine.
    'Oh, you mean right here? I think that's fine. You can just take it out.'

    He proceeded to rip off the part of the thread that poked out. It was done. I thought he was going to return the yo-yo to me. Instead, he went on to get a brand new string, and strung it up. He then performed a snap start, grinded the yo-yo on his finger after another throw to check if it was smooth or not. After that, he did a small Wristmount combo before returning it to me. I asked him for a picture.

    'Yeah, sure. Wait.'

    He put on his sunglasses. Here's the pic guys.


    Okay, and it turned out that there were no EGs but a couple of Jet Set EXs. The price doubles that of EG. My uncle was kind enough to get one for me, though, seeing how I was disappointed. I tried to refuse because I doubt that it was worth the price tag, but my uncle insisted, so I was like ok.


    It is EXTREMELY smooth, although feels light as hell. Still nice to have it in my collection. So, as you can see I took another pic with Mickey. He shook hands with my uncle. As we were leaving, he called me back to get the free stickers from him. WORLD CHAMPION ATTITUDE PEOPLE

    Hank Freeman was also there. I had left before he arrived, tho. :(
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  8. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

    Wow! Seems like you had a blast, seeing this makes me want to go to Cal State or BAC :) Glad you had fun, Hiroyuki seems like a great guy.
  9. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    go to BAC. pls.

    I have never gone, but if there was a contest to go to, that would be the one. looks so fun
  10. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    I just created a new channel [lol, ultimate reboot] dedicated to both Yo-yoing and PS. I'm also working on a solo video that includes both 4A and PS footages. It is like 3/4 done now. Here's the trailer for now. Subscribe if you like what you see!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rgByP7gG4U
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  11. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    Sorry for double posting, but it's been awhile.

    My solo video regarding PS and Yoyoing is out now. Please do check the main thread for more info!

    Aside from that, I have been hooked like a fish watching Blazing Teens 5, lol.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3TNzZ98kOo&index=1&list=PLBjTtqAloq9xSy2Z4BIZHrzmHEmkc9kxI

    The tricks are really simple with a lot of exaggeration, so it's annoying to watch sometimes. But there's a certain charm in the series like the characters and their personality.
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  12. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    Yooo yoyonation is back up. This is not a drill:

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  13. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

    Yooooo thanks for that PSA! That's incredible.
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  14. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    Oh my gosh. That's an incredible news! Yoyonation was the best! Glad it was revived. :D
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  15. gunter

    gunter New Member

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  16. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    That is some quality stuff. Kinda reminds me of Jensen Kimmitt. By the way, welcome aboard! :D
  17. gunter

    gunter New Member

    jensen? really? 0w0 thank you !
    i was more inspired by clement berteaux (an amazing french thrower ) than by jensen , but i appreciate what you said ahah
  18. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    AP was a few days ago. I was watching the livestream. To recap, Shion dominated 1A as always, and Hajime Miura became the first person to win 2 divisions (3A and 4A) .

    There's also a new division called Ditto division. You get to create impression of other famous yoyo players. Aik Hwee did a fabulous job, lol. Too bad he didn't compete in 4A.

    View: https://youtu.be/YTv__-oXxu8

    Really looking forward to Worlds next month.
  19. gunter

    gunter New Member

    hajime's freestyles were dope af. his 3a horizontal is better each time he use it , i'm kinda jealous of his skills. but i'm too lazy to practise kek.
  20. Enkronidus

    Enkronidus Member

    Where do yoyo people chat nowadays? I would love to be a part of the community, but it seems that the forums are kinda ded. With no shout box and all that, lol.

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