Battle Zephyr vs JV2 (Javi)

Discussion in 'Battlezone' started by Zephyr127, Mar 4, 2017.



  1. Zephyr

  2. Javi

  1. Zephyr127

    Zephyr127 Old-Timer

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  2. JV2 (Javi)

    JV2 (Javi) Member

    battle me?
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  3. Zephyr127

    Zephyr127 Old-Timer

    ye sure
  4. Inev

    Inev meme academic

    ma boi

    Zephyr - Work on arm movements, improve wiper links, that 24 inv sonic was fucking dank tho

    Javi - No music, use an angle that makes your charges look rounder, also use 34 more and in different fun ways
  5. JV2 (Javi)

    JV2 (Javi) Member

    Kk, thnx for the tips!!!
    About the music, i leave my tab just in random nu metal songs, so sorry for that...

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